Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review

If hunting big game animals is the purpose, then you must need a mighty bow. Barnett, one of the most famous companies for making crossbow for a long time, invents Barnett jackal crossbow, which is sturdy and famous for its speed and accuracy. Barnett jackal crossbow is recommends for its high-performance, power, and speed. This crossbow is an excellent entry-level bow, which can be use by the beginner, intermediate user, and experts.

Barnett jackal crossbow comes with a complete package for a user at an affordable price that will help you to reduce extra cost. It is often durable, reliable, inexpensive according to the package with high-power and gives you an accurate results. The design of this crossbow is sleek and military-style rifle, which makes it look more stylish. Overall, jackal is a great crossbow to start hunting adventure.

Barnett crossbow jackal is one of the most powerful and devastating weapons for hunting big game animals. It provides such amazing features that increase the efficiency and accuracy of your hunting. Its draw weight, well-design, power, high-speed makes the perfect and ideal crossbow for hunting. You will get astonished by its excellent features. Let me tell you briefly some of its features:

High draw weight: you need higher draw weight to hunt animals pierce fully. One of the research shows that 125 lb is perfect for penetrating the big animal like elk, deer, bear, or moose. Barnett jackal offers you 150 lbs of draw weight, which is pretty much enough to penetrate the target harder and pierce fully. This amount of draw weight makes this crossbow perfect for every manner of small and the big game, even target shooting.

High speed and power: Barnett crossbow produces phenomenal speed due to higher draw weight. It generates 315 FPS which is extremely good for hunting and target practicing. Jackal crossbow delivers the arrow at 95 feet poundage. To hit the target harder and accurately, you must need bows, which produces at least 75 feet pound. That means you can penetrate the target harder even in adverse weather or less than perfect weather.

Constructions and design: Barnett jackal crossbow is constructing brilliantly with sturdy materials and stylish look. The quad split style limbs are made with aluminum materials, which are sturdy and make it not only durable but also lightweight for carrying. That means you can hold the bow for a long time without fatigue on the arm and helps to increase the acceleration rate.

Another important feature adds in this bow is the energy wheels which is established on the edge of the limbs. The design of the stock looks like a military style rifle, which is attractive. Fore grip is provided with the stock so you can hold the bow firmly and comfortably. The riser is also made with aluminum that minimizes the bow weight. It is durable and provides high energetic performance due to this feature.

Lightweight crossbow: Barnett crossbow is constructing with aluminum materials that keep the weight down. So, you can hunt for a long time with this low weight compound bow.

Sights: this jackal crossbow comes with a red dot sight, which is pretty much needed for archer during hunting. The sight is referred red dot, though; both green and red color is including which features five brightness settings. That means in dark weather, you; can adjust the site and get a clear precision. This sight will give you clear precision in 20 yards. Yet, if you are experienced and accurate to your target, you can use more.

Trigger: Barnett jackal crossbow designs the trigger mechanism at 3.5 lbs, which gives you a clean and persistent shot. You can pull the trigger more quickly at this poundage.

Quiver and bolts: this crossbow comes with 3*20 inches carbon arrows, which is a great option to hunt. To store the arrows, you can also get a quiver. The field tips attached with the glues. That’s great advantage for you. You can customize your arrow tips with high- quality broadhead or other field tips.

Cocking device: Barnett jackal crossbow includes every possible tool for complete archery with cocking device. But this bow machine has a lack of cocking device. So, you have to shoot every target at 150 lbs draw weight even in target shooting or hunting at a shorter distance and small animals. You will find a better results if you add a rope cocking device on this bow.

Automatic safety and anti dry fire: this crossbow comes with an automatic safety bar and fore grip in the handle that keeps you from the accidental shot. Also, this bow has an anti dry fire inhibitor that will prevent you from pulling down the string and saves you from finger injuries. This bow ensures not only your safety but also a consistent performance.

Accessories: Barnett jackal includes in this compound crossbow every essential accessories, which you need to increase your shooting skill and gather experience. This package comes with stock and bow; quiver detached three- piece arrow, sight, and hex key crossbow bolts. So, you don’t need to spend an extra penny to buy these tools, and also you get this package at an affordable price.

Ease of assembling: this crossbow is ready to take out after arriving at you. Though this is a compound crossbow, you may face some complexity during assembling. But the manufacturer includes clear and detailed instructions on how to assemble this. It won’t take more than 20 minutes to assemble this.

Ensures warranty: this crossbow is a durable, reliable, and comfortable crossbow. If you take proper care of this bow, you can use this for over year. Though the manufacture retails a five- year warranty. So, if you face any technical problem, you get immediate help from the company. That’s great benefits from Barnett.


• Due to high velocity, you can penetrate the target harder.
• Shoot becomes more accurate because of using Picatinny rail.
• This crossbow lasted for a long time due to the use of aluminum materials.
• Lightweight
• Easy to carry
• Easy to assemble
• Ensure your safety.
• Generates enough power to hunt big animals
• Low priced bow with high- quality features and accessories
• Ideal crossbow for beginner and intermediate user.


Noise: Barnett jackal crossbow generates loud noise as it has a high draw weight and velocity. So it creates a problem during hunting

Solution: to reduce this problem, you should use a noise dampening system so that the noise becomes almost zero.

Need a better quality sight: the provided sight is pretty much OK for 20 yards range.

Solution: since your purpose is hunting, so you should use an extra better quality sight that gives a clear and longer precision.

Does this bow useful for hunting bear and elk?

Yes, it is. Barnett jackal crossbow generates high velocity, which can penetrate the bear, and elk pierce fully. Adjust the sight correctly and you can hunt big animals.

Can 12 years old use this bow?

I don’t think so. This is a compound crossbow which is weight of 7.7 lbs that might be difficult for a young. Moreover, the mechanism is quite hazy for a young user.

How can you get the most from this bow?

This is a high efficient crossbow with high velocity and draws weight. Once you get used to with this bow, you can perform consistently and accurately.

Does this bow ambidextrous, and what will be the perfect arrow length to use in this bow?

This bow is not manufacturing for the particular handed users. Both left and the right-hand users can use this. You have to use at least 20 inches of the arrow to get the desire able result.


Barnett jackal crossbow is highly recommended by the experts as it gives you perfect hunting experience with its marvelous features. Its draw weight, low weight, high- speed delivery, accuracy, and consistency make it one of the best crossbows in the market. Beginner and experience users can use both hunting and practice shooting purposes. Surely, it will give a perfect and pleasurable hunting adventure.

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