Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow Review

You may find many crossbows, which provides high speed, accuracy, and other features individually. But all the features in one crossbow are challenging to find. Barnett makes it real through whitetail hunter II compound crossbow. Barnett is one of the leading archery equipment manufacturers, who invent many superb and exceptional bows. Barnett whitetail hunter II is one of them with compact design, lightweight, accuracy, speed, safety mechanism, and so on.

You must choose a crossbow that can render the service of both target shooting and hunting if you are a beginner or seasonal hunter. To ease your path, Barnett comes with this compound crossbow. It gives you unique features and eye catchy design that blow your mind. It also comes with a reasonable price that makes it separate from another compound crossbow. You can’t find a crossbow with rich features at this price.

If you wish to hunt, you may want a crossbow with high technology that features many incredible advantages. Barnett whitetail hunter II crossbow includes such kind of features that give you smooth, easy, fast, and efficient service. Its high draw weight, speed, accuracy will be helpful to your hunting journey. Let me tell you the features of whitetail hunter II crossbows.

Size, build, and design: when you go to hunting, you must need a compact size, a durable bow that will render you active hunting. Barnett makes this crossbow under consideration for hunting. The length is 34.25 inches, and the width is 18.25 inches, which is very much easy to carry in the hunting spot. The axle to axle length is 16.25 inches when cocked. So, it can do a young user.

Moreover, it constructs with stainless steel that ensures the durability of this bow. You can use this bow through the rainy season, and it will be rust-free. This material provides the strength of this bow for over five years.

Draw weight: the most prioritize factor goes to the draw weight. Because, the draw weight determines arrow speed. This whitetail hunter II crossbow owns 150 lbs draw influence that is pretty much enough to hunt prey. One of an important thing about this bow is, it has 103 feet pounds of kinetic energy. For hunting a prey, usually it needs 75 feet pounds of kinetic energy. Whereas Barnett provides 103 ft. Lbs that can penetrate the prey pierce fully. So, it will be good considering factor to choose this bow.

Speed: if you want massive success in big hunting game, you must need a powerful weapon that will give you enough speed to hunt the prey. Barnett improves this feature in whitetail hunter II. It releases the arrow speed of 350 fps, which is more than enough to kill big animals like deer, whitetail bear, etc. for hunting; you have to choose a bow that can generate at least 315 fps arrow speed. But Barnett generates more than that. So, you can get sure that the whitetail hunter will give you enough speed.

Rope cocking mechanism: one of the most fantastic inclusions by Barnett is the rope cocking mechanism. There are two types of tool. One is rope other is crank. Crank mechanism reduces 12 pounds pressure from the whole draw weight. Whereas the rope cocking mechanism has 75 % let off system. That means it reduces a 75 % pressure on the draw weight. So, you can pull the draw easily as it needs less energy. That’s a great invention from Barnett.

Safety mechanism: whether you hunt or practice, you must need safety as it is a weapon, and causing significant injuries. Barnett ensures the security of this whitetail hunter II crossbow. It comes with the safety features over the foregrip that saves your finger while shooting. Moreover, it has a dry fire inhibitor that protects your limbs, string, etc.

Friction less arrow flight: the arrow is standing on the roller rest, and it doesn’t touch the rest. When releasing the arrow, it can fly without friction.

Scope: Barnett whitetail hunter II compound crossbow includes 4*32 multi reticle scope that is mounting on the picatinny rail. So, whenever you want to swap out the range and replace, you have the option that includes in the bow. You can also use extra scope if it needs.

Accessories: Barnett whitetail hunter II crossbow is a full-size crossbow that comes with full package. It includes arrows, scope, and rope cock, quiver, and lube wax. All of these accessories with the crossbow come with under 400 that give you a perfect hunting journey.

Ease of assembling: assembling a compound crossbow is sometimes very much tricky. But Barnett whitetail hunter II comes with almost ready to shoot package. It will take less than 10 minutes to assemble. You have to attach the riser to the stock and rails. Then set the screw to secure things.


Lightweight: this crossbow is full-size bow with every essential tool. Every tool is set to the bow, yet it is very lightweight. The actual weight of this bow is 6.4 lbs, which is low comparing with another bow.

Value for the money: this crossbow comes with a full package that includes arrow, scope, quiver, and wax at a very reasonable price. This bow provides every essential feature at affordable prices.

Arrows, lube wax: this crossbow comes with two 20 inches head hunter arrow that will reduce your cost. Moreover, it provides lube wax to elongate the lifespan of the string.

Speed: whitetail hunter II is pretty much speedy bow that smooth your hunting adventure.

Performance: Barnett ensures you the skill in hunting. You can improve your accuracy as it has some incredible features to increase your accuracy level.


Underdeveloped sight: some user says that view could be a problem. Because, while zooming the longer distance, it may be a blur.

Solution: well, the crossbow has a customizing option. You can replace the sight with a good one. It won’t cost you too much.

Can a 5 feet individual use this bow?

Well, the axle to axle lengths are 16.25 inches that is pretty long for the user. So, the individual user height better be at least 5.5 inches to handle this.

What size arrow is providing with this bow?

Barnett includes two 20 inches head hunter carbon arrows that ensures your hunting comfort ability. The arrow is 400 grain, and field tips are 100 grain.

Does this crossbow vibrate while hunting?

No, it doesn’t. This crossbow has a foot stirrup, which is set in the limb. So, while shooting, it reduces the vibration and gives you a silent hunting session.

Does this crossbow worth the money?

Of course, it does. This crossbow is a masterpiece for hunting with rich features. This crossbow will lead you to another dimension of killing through incredible performance.


Barnett whitetail hunter II is the easiest and fastest crossbow to handle and hunting. It includes many essential tools that will smooth your hunting journey even at adverse weather. Also, it gives you the best service at a reasonable price. Many users admitted that this crossbow best features and tools with affordable prices that every beginner and experts can easily use this.

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