Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow Review

If you want an elite feature crossbow that has to give you almost every advantage like speed, accuracy, high-performance with a relatively low price, then whitetail pro STR crossbow will be the first choice. This crossbow is designed by Barnett, who manufactures the bow for more than 50 years. So, we will give you a Barnett whitetail pro STR crossbow review that helps you to choose the right type of crossbow you need.

Barnett whitetail pro STR crossbow-400 fps is famous for its lightweight, compact-sized, high speed, and accuracy that cannot provide by the entire crossbow. It has a higher draw weight and secures assembling system, so that you can use this bow effectively. One important thing about this bow is, it ensures the safety of both the bow and you. This crossbow also comes with a full package. So you don’t need to buy anything else. You will be glad while seeing that kind of unique feature.

Barnett is just well-known manufactures for making high-performance and powerful crossbow. This time they come with whitetail pro STR crossbow that has similar features with other elite crossbows at a low price tag. It ensures the best performance, accuracy, and proper safety while hunting. This crossbow comes with ready to shoot package. I will tell you the features that will help you to know about this:

Construction and design: the manufacturers design this crossbow for hunters so that they can carry this while hunting. The overall weight is 6.9 lbs, which is very light compare to the other crossbow in the market.
They design this bow with a patented step-through riser that is implying to other elite crossbows. But Barnett uses these features in this bow so that the user can get accurate and smooth hunting sessions. Moreover, the flight track is construct with CNC aluminum machine, which helps you get accurate and smooth shots.

The length of this crossbow is 36.5 inches, and the width is 20 inches. This length of the bow can be held by any adult users easily.

Power: this whitetail pro STR crossbow is called one of the powerful crossbow in Barnett. Barnett whitetail pro STR produces 400 feet per seconds’ arrow speed that is enough to hit the target harder and pierce fully. The kinetic energy of this bow is 140 feet pounds, and this bow can be used to hunt any big-size animals. So, don’t take this bow lightly. The draw weight of this bow is 187 lbs that are more than any other crossbow.

Rope cocking mechanism: that’s a great inclusion to the crossbow by Barnett. There are two types of drawing mechanism in crossbow, crank and other is rope. Crank can reduce 10 to 12 pounds of pressure. Whereas rope cocking mechanism can reduce almost half of the draw weight of the bow. So, it would be elementary to draw, and you don’t need to put too much pressure while drawing.

Safety mechanism: Barnett whitetail pro STR crossbow is a powerful and high-performance bow. So, it can be destructive if it doesn't use effectively. To ensure your and bow safety, the bow has an anti dry fire mechanism. So, if you draw the string without an arrow, it won’t be shot. Moreover, it comes with a nock sensor, to know the position of the arrow. It also provides you finger tabs to protect your fingers. So, it assures you that you will be safe while shooting.

Customizing options: every hunter wants to customize their bow once they outgrow their performance. So, they want to add extra tools to the bow. Under this consideration, Barnett improves this sector. They add three picatinny rails mounting hole, so that you can add additional devices. Don’t be worry about this crossbow, because it will give you every advantage you need.

Bow package: well, Barnett whitetail pro STR crossbow package comes with best price and with every essential bow tool. It has a rope cocking device, quiver, two 22 inches arrow, lube wax, and scope. All of this tool requires to get accurate and successful hunting. Also Barnett whitetail pro STR crossbow packages is 400 fps speedy crossbow which makes it popular.

To test the power of this crossbow, you can shoot in a open field with a hard target. 3D target will be better as you get real life experience as well as it will work best for powerful bow.


Lightweight: the weight of this crossbow is 6.9 lbs, which is very light for the adult user. You can use this bow easily in both targets practicing and hunting.

Speed: this crossbow is one of the powerful and speedy crossbows. It generates 400 fps arrow speed that tears up the prey.

Scope: it comes with a 4*32 inches scope that will give you a clear vision of the target. So, you can hit the target accurately.

Quiver: to store the arrows, it has mounted quiver.

Arrows: this crossbow also comes with two 22 inches arrows that can help you while hunting or practicing.

Finger tabs: finger tab is also provide with this bow to protect your finger if any mass shooting is happening.

Noise dampener: this crossbow has a noise dampener. So, you get a silent and peaceful hunting session with this bow.

Lube wax: lube wax is also include in the package to wax the string.


Using rope cocking may be difficult: according to some users, rope cocking mechanisms create some problems.

Solution: once you get used to this mechanism, you get a more useful results from this rope mechanism. So, it will be best if you got accustomed to this.

What arrow size will be ideal for this crossbow?

Barnett whitetail pro STR crossbow comes with two pieces of 22 inches arrow. But 20 inches arrow will be perfect for this crossbow.

What tools are includes in the bow package?

There are many tools include to the bow package like quiver, arrows, scope, rope coking device, and a bow. All the essential tools are included in this bow.

Can this bow has customization option?

Yes, it has. This crossbow has three picatinny rails mounting hole on the limbs. So, you can add any extra item to the bow according to your needs.

Can this bow be assembling easily?

Well, Barnett whitetail pro STR crossbow comes with almost assembling. You don’t need to assemble it anymore. But yes, it can be assemble easily.


Barnett whitetail pro STR crossbow bar78004 is a powerful and high-performance crossbow with rich features. It gives you efficient performances. It is durable, made with sturdy material. It helps you to accomplish the successful hunting journey with its phenomenal features. You won’t be disappoint by its performance.

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