Bear Archery Foam Target Review

Whether you are a hunter or an archer, you must need a target that improves your shooting and aiming skill. Archery is an ancient game that gives you minds refreshment. To be a success in archery, you must practice. So, you must practice with high-performance target that will render you the highest services. Bear Archery has made this way easy through its 3D foam target. They manufacture the high class foam target for the beginner and professional.

Bear archery target will improve your aim in hunting and shooting. By using this target, your hand-eye coordination will be improved. Moreover, you can practice more with this target as you want. It has such kind of unique features that will smooth your shooting practice. It would be best you chose the right types of bow, arrows, and broadhead or tips. 

When you buy an archery target, you may check out the features that will match your bow, arrows, and other considerations. There are some must include features in a target like a durability, arrow retrieval, self-healing, etc. bear archery design this foam target with all these features that make it one of a leading archery target in the market. 

100% self-healing materials:  one of a must need features in an archery target is self-healing materials. Because it ensures the lifespan of the target indirectly. Bear archery constructed this target with 100% self-healing foam. So, you can hit the target as long as you want. Because when you pull out the bolts, it will shrink and collapse together. And you will feel like it. The target was never hit before.

Suitable thickness: thickness in another considering factor before choosing an archery target. The more full the target, the more natural arrow stop will be. Thickness of this target is 6 inches, which makes it more durable. It has multiple foam layers that ensure the durability of the target.

Easy arrow removal: one of the most important features for an archery target is arrow removal. Because it will dictate your success directly, some of the archery targets has tough arrow removal. So, you might spend pretty good times by removing the arrows. Sometimes, an arrow maybe breaks when pulling out at a venture.
Bear archery makes sure that the arrow can be removed very easily. You can pull out the arrow with relatively less pressure and effort. It won’t hamper the arrow

Stopping arrow: arrow stopping feature is a concerning factor. The lifespan of the target will be decreased if the arrow cannot be stopped easily. Bear foam target can stop the arrow pretty much easily. It uses friction to end the arrow instead of the force. So, it will elongate the lifespan of the target.

Size and mobility: bear archery foam target is usually 48 and 36 inches long and 6 inches thick. It has ten ring faces aiming point. So, it assures you an effective shooting practice with this feature. You can shoot the target to any aiming point, and it improves your shooting skill.
Though it has no grommets, so you should roll the target in case of transport. It is pretty much easy to carry

Arrow compatibility: you should choose large arrow compatibility target so you can practice with this target a long time. Amazing target with much arrow compatibility. You can shoot the arrow 400 times to this target. That’s a great beneficial factor.

Performance: Highly performing target of the bear company will renders you high-performance through its incredible features. It is a lightweight, easy arrow removal option. Arrow can be stopped easily, 100% self-healing materials, and pretty much arrow compatibility. You can shoot any aiming point as it has ten ring faces, and 36 inches long. It ensures your perfect practice outdoors.  You can also use carbon arrows for more efficient results.

Weight and durability: weight of this target is 12 pounds. It has less weight compare to the other target. So, you can transport the target anywhere easily. Since this target is designed for outdoor practice, you may keep it outdoor, and it has to withstand through the adverse weather. But bear archery constructed this foam target with waterproof and UV resistant features that ensure the durability of the target.

Precaution: you should conscious about this target as it is a starter target. So, you have to use low weight bow. A bow with high draw weight can hit the target fast, and it may tear off the target. To get the most from the target, you should use field tips instead of the broadhead

It has unique features that will improve your shooting skill as well as your confidence for real hunting. So, whenever you are going to hunt deer, you will be more confident. if you want to know how to hunt a whitetail deer, we have an article about this. it will help you for gaining knowledge about whitetail deer as well as hunting.


Lightweight: it is only 12 lbs that are pretty light to carry. You can move this target one place to another very easily.

High-performance: this foam target renders you high-performance as it has ten ring faces. So, you can shoot the target at any point.

Durability: This durable target has 6 inches thickness and made with self-healing materials that ensure the strength of the target. You can use this target for a long time.

Waterproof: this target has a waterproof and UV resistant features that can withstand in all weather and makes it a perfect outdoor target. 


It doesn’t come with a backstop: the only drawback of this target is it doesn’t come back with a net.

Solution: you have to buy a backstop to keep the entire arrow that misses the target.

How many arrows shoot this target can take?

Well, it is used as a practice target. this target can take up to 400 arrow shoot. So, you can increase your shooting skill within this shot.

Does thickness matters in this target?

Of course, it is. Thickness defines the durability of a target indirectly. because the less thick the target, the less durable the target.

In between 3D and foam target, what should be choosing?

Well, 3D and foam target are used for different purposes. Foam target can use for both archer tournament and hunting purpose, whereas 3D target can use only for hunting purposes.

What draws weight bow should use in this foam target?

I recommend using 35-50 lbs of a bow. Because higher draw weight bow can cause the less durability of this foam target. It would be best you used a low draw weight bow


The manufacturers includes all must need features that make this target in an ideal target. Your shooting skill and the aiming target will improve through this target. You can build your confidence as you can practice with this target for a long time.

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