Black Hole-4 Sided Archery Target Review

If you are feeling pretty freaking bore at home, hunting practice might be a good option. Just like anything, you have to practice shooting. Many of us have confusion about what kind of archery target they should use? For practice hunting, you need an archery target with versatile working benefits.

Black hole 4 sided archery targets provide you such kinds of features that will improve your aiming accuracy. Its durability, lightweight, working efficiency makes it so accessible. You will get multiple advantages from this target, which helps you to shoot accurately.

The way it is design, its marvelous features, and its efficiency will help you to improve your aiming target. You will obtain proper practice through this Black Hole 4 sided archery target.

The Black hole sided archery target is a high-performance target with four separate shooting surfaces. You can shoot fix weight broadhead, mechanical broadhead, field tips, and so on in this target. What makes its working efficiency so high is its retrievability, durability, portability, stopping ability, which are primary requirements for practice aiming. There are some exceptional features that will influence you to buy this. Let me tell you about this:

Four separate shooting surfaces: black hole-4 sided archery target gives you the most practicing benefits as it has four-side surfaces. Usually, the front and backside of this target is used to target the broadhead. On the other hand, wrap sides used to target for field tips.

Decorate with multi-layer foam: this target has multiple layers that help to stop the arrow. This foam is constructs with polypropylene, which helps to prevent the speedy arrow.

Remove the arrow easily: it’s easier to remove the arrow from the target. The foam is using friction to remove the bolt instead of forcing the bolt back. That means you pull the arrow from the target, and the hole which is build by the shaft will close automatically.

Multiple aiming points: black hole-4 sided archery target helps you to improve your shooting skill with multiple aiming point features. It is design with a certain amount of aiming point by which a shooter can quickly dictate his target. The front side has four dictating points with the central circle. The right side has a single and left side has three circles which provide different target positions for the shooter.

Portability: since you have to practice target outdoor so you need to take the target. This eight ounces target is very easy to transport one place to another. The weight won’t affect too much and also has a handle to carry.

This archery target is a high performance that comes at a great inexpensive price. Its open layer designs, four-side target, durability and brighter color, help you to practice hunting comfortably. Black hole archery target has 18 inches and 22 inches target for your comfort.


You will enjoy this target due to its low price with high-performance features. Its portability, durability, stopping ability will help to practice hunting. You will enjoy this archery target as its renders it premium advantages. Some advantages you would like to experience is,

Stopping ability: some of the broadheads penetrates the target ultimately which reduces the lifespan of the target. So, stopping ability is a special requirement for archery targets. Black hole four-sided archery target design with open layer foam that uses friction to stop the arrow instead of forcing. You will like it to purchase due to its high degree of stopping ability and hardness. Yet, black hole-4 sided archery target stops all fieldtips and fixed broadheads and mechanical broadhead.

Bright 3D color: This target has bright color contrast features that make it easy to see even at a longer distance. You can see the archer bright from early morning to late evening. It’s also easy to see the aiming point at a long range.

Lightweight and portability: This target has a tote to carry as you have to practice hunting outside. You can place the target very easily one place to another as the weight of this target is around 9 pounds. It won’t create any problem during carrying.

Durability: Black hole four-sided archery target is constructs with polypropylene that is a sturdy and long-lasting material. Its front side is designed with an open layer that helps to pull out the arrow easily without much effort. When you pull the arrow shaft, the hole which is made will close automatically. It also reduces your fatigue.

Low price with premium features: Black hole four-sided archery target is relatively inexpensive with high-performance features, which is a significant factor.


Should use with a certain bow: you should use the target with a low power compound or recurve bow. Sometimes the amount of power that is shoot with the broadhead penetrates the target so hardly. It will be a reason to reduce the lifespan of the target.

Solution: you should use the target with a low power compound or recurve bow.

To use this target properly, what should be the ideal arrow speed?

I will recommend you to shoot not more than 350 FPS. If you shoot an arrow over 350 fps, then it might pass through the target and reduce durability.

What is the ideal draw weight of the crossbow to practice through this target?

You should use not more than 175 lb draw weight of the crossbow. If you use more than 175 lb, the broadhead can bury the target.

Why a field point tip is suitable for the target?

Both sides of the target are fabricating with durable woven polypropylene material which is very sturdy. This frame helps to stop the tips hardly.

Can the rubber tip arrow penetrate the target?

Rubber tip arrows can pass through the front and backside of the target. Because the side of the target is design with robust and sturdy material that can’t penetrate a rubber tip arrow.

In between broadhead and field point tips, what will be suitable for the target?

Its field point tips that the target can withstand more. Due to the physical forces of broadhead, it creates more pressure that penetrates the target harder.


If you need to practice your aiming point more accurately, black hole archery target is the best option. It renders the highest performances with low expenses that would make you decide to choose this target. I hope you will enjoy this target.

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