Diamond Edge SB-1 Compound Bow Review

Since archery is a traditional game but nowadays, the popularity is going up due to variations of archery equipment as ease of hunting. So, diamond archery comes with a bow that is for young and intermediate users, the diamond archery edge SB-1 compound bow. This edge sb-1 bow is specially made for intermediate users so that they can outgrow their shooting skills and ready for hunting.

Diamond archery edge sb-1 bow is famous for its comfort, ease of handling, and hunting features. It has versatile uses, compact size, and the most desirable features are adjust ability. This compound bow is user-friendly for young and adult archers who want to improve their shooting skills and season hunting. Its lightweight, construction, draw weight, versatility, adjust-ability, and other unique features make it accessible in this dominant market. This is an ideal compound bow for adults and young users.

Diamond archery is a well-known brand for providing hunting equipment for the youth and adult. It improve features to its diamond compound bow called cutting edge, which leads the bow to the top. Its adjustable draw weight, draw length, ambidextrous using capability, synchronizing binary cam system, and other features makes it in a phenomenal intermediate compound bow. We will show you some of its features:

Riser: riser is an essential part of a bow as it dictates the shooting accuracy indirectly. Diamond archery construct the edge sb-1 compound bow with aluminum material that is sturdy. So, it ensures the riser’s durability and reduces the weight of the overall bow. It has a well-polish grip. The grip is molded that provides repeatable shooting. You can shot the target continuously due to comfort ability of grabbing the bow.

Limbs: one of the coolest features of this edge sb-1 compound bow is limbs. The limbs are build of carbon composite material that is the most useful in every type of bow limb. This solid material limb ensures the limb’s durability, so you can use this bow for year after year.

Adjustable EZ pocket system: One important feature is this limb has an adjustable EZ pocket system. It dictates how far the limb can turn out. This EZ pocket system ensures the bottom and top limb at evenly. This pocket system is mostly use for maximizing and minimizing the poundage. So, whether you are a young or an adult bowman, you can fix it out with the help of the EZ pocket system. You can adapt the draw weight according to your age, strength, and other physical limitations. This feature makes the bow user friendly for both young and expert users.

Binary cam system: binary cam system is a new inclusion to the diamond archery edge SB-1 bow. The synchronizing binary cam systems slaved the cam one after another. So, if you want to feel less trouble while setting up the bow, the binary cam system will be here to help you.
Another important thing about this system is, it can help you to draw quickly and maximizing accuracy. So, it will affect your improvement directly.

Adjustable draw weight and draw length: diamond archery makes this compound bow for the young archers so they can draw the bow easily. This compound bow has adjustable draw weight where the bottom draw weight is 7 lbs. It has a draw weight of up to 70 lb that is use for both hunting and target practicing. A teenager can use this bow at his draw weight as well as an adult too.

The draw length of this bow is another important considering factor. The minimum draw length of this bow is 15 inches that can be use by a young archer. When one outshines their performance, they can increase the draw length. The draw length and draw weight both can be adjusted by the binary cam system and EZ pocket system. Both are featuring in this bow.

Shooting performance: it is a compound bow with a compact size and only 3.6 lbs weight. So, you can use this bow from the tree stand or behind the ground blind. It has easy transport ability. Arrow delivery speed of this bow almost 320 fps that can tear up any medium size animals with high draw weight. So, if you are a seasonal hunter or newbie, you can set the draw weight and draw length and shot.
The axle to axle length of this compound bow is 31 inches that is pretty much ok for the young archer.

Effective let-off: this diamond edge SB-1 has a effective let-off system under consideration of the young archers, specially those who are less than ten years. It has 80% let off. That means it reduces almost 80% pressure while drawing. So, a young archer can easily draw the bow and shoot.

Comparison between Edge SB-1 and Bear Cruzer

Let me ascertain the comparison between the cruzer and sb-1. Bear the cruzer has an arrow speed of 310 fps and let-off percentage is 75. But SB-1 has a more than that numbers. So, it provides more efficient service than bear Cruzer.


Lightweight: it is 3.6 lbs weight that can be easily carry able by any kind of user.

Better speed: the shooting speed is 318 fps. So, you can shoot any medium-size animal. You can also minimize the speed.

Accuracy: the accuracy is increase due to using binary cam system as it levels the cam.

Ease of assembling: the diamond edge SB-1 bow package has come with ready to shoot box.


Produces noises: while drawing, it may produce sounds that may be cause of less hunting.

Solution: to prevent the noise and get a silent hunting session, you can use string silencer. It won’t cost you so much.

From which age, a user can use this bow?

Though this is a compound bow, it should be use and train by an expert. But diamond archery makes this compound bow very easy that even a six years old user can use this.

Does brace height affect the speed of this bow?

Yes, it does. Diamond archery edge SB-1 compound bow has a brace height of 7 that can produce enough speed to penetrate the target.

Can this bow penetrate the water and use it for bow fishing?

Of course, it can. It has 318 fps arrow speed. That is more than enough to penetrate the water. For bow fishing, you have to include a bow fishing reel.

What tools are included in the package?

The diamond archery edge SB-1 compound bow comes with gear sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, quiver, sling, nocking loop, and carbon peep sight.


Diamond edge sb-1 compound bow gives you every advantage to fulfill your hunting journey as well as shooting target practicing. It comes with every essential bow that optimizes your performance. You can outgrow your shooting and hunting performance with this compound bow. Overall, it’s an excellent bow for young and intermediate users, and it worth your every penny.

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