G5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead Reviews

If you want to be pro hunters, you must know every type of hunting appliances. Because you have to hunt in an advanced way. So, it will be best if you have use advance appliances. G5 montec broadhead is such kind of advance one-piece broadhead, which will lead you to your desire able result as well as increase your shooting skill.

G5 outdoors comes with a new model call montec, which is improving in every addition from other broadhead. The features they include with this single piece of broadhead will amaze you. G5 outdoors montec is constructs under every consideration of being an ideal broadhead. This target won't diminish the prey you want. Moreover, this is a budget-friendly broadhead that you can afford easily. So, we will review the G5 montec broadhead.

G5 outdoors is a famous name in the archery world. It creates many recreational archery appliances. G5 is mostly known for its customer service as well as high-quality products. This time they come with new montec broadhead, which is far better than any expensive broadhead. Let us describe some of its unique features:

Construction: before choosing a broadhead, you need to check some factors that will influence your broadhead. Construction is one of them. G5 outdoors maintains this factor very well. They construct their new montec broadhead with 100% stainless steel that will ensure you a long-lasting broadhead. So, you can shot one after another without hesitation. It won't affect your broadhead and blades due to use of the high-quality material.

Cutting edge diameter: one of the most important factors while buying a broadhead is its cutting edge: the more cutting edge diameter, the more blood the prey will trail. It will be best if you chose a high cutting edge diameter so that the broadhead can cut pierce fully. Usually, one-piece broadhead has 1 to 1.5 inches cutting diameter. But G5 montec has 1 to 1 1/8 inches cutting diameter, which will crush the bone pierce fully.

Cut on contact: cut on contact is another important feature of this broadhead. Many manufacturers haven't included this feature in their broadhead. But G5 include this into their new invention. When you release the arrow, the broadhead will cut immediately of the prey after in touch of them. So, it can kill the prey ethically.

Spin easily: G5 has test spin ability of their new montec broadhead. Spin ability will ensure the correct flight to the target. So, flight deviation trouble won't happen with G5 montec. You can have a clear and perfect hunting session with this broadhead.

Correct deployment: G5 outdoors ensures the correct deployment of their montec broadhead. Deployment is important for crushing the prey hardly. Because, if the broadhead doesn't deploy at the perfect time, there will be less blood trail. G5 outdoors also test deployment of their broadhead.

Wide ranges of weight: broadhead weight is an essential factor. It dictates how much damage you make. If you choose a lightweight broadhead, you may get a higher speed but less damage. But G5 outdoors offers you a wide range of weight of the broadhead.G5 montec offer 85, 100, and 125 grain of broadhead, which is used in every type of bow. You can use this broadhead for high power crossbow, compound bow and also in fast bow. It gives you efficient services as it has different weights of broadheads.

Three blades: it's important to have a higher number of blades in the broadhead. Because the flight and damage depends on the number of blade. This target has three blades in their broadhead. So, you have a more blood trial in the hunting games, and the arrow flight will be perfect.

Price: if you want a high-quality broadhead, you must spend enough money on it. But G5 montec is a budget friendly broadhead with high-performance features. Its durability, cut on contact, penetration, flight deviation, and no pre-deployment will increase your hunting session effectively. Your money will be worth purchasing this broadhead.


Penetration: it offers you a perfect penetration to the prey with their cut on the contact surface. They have sharp edges of the blade that makes enough blood trails.

Accuracy: you will be assured that the accuracy you get from this broadhead will lead you to success. Because the manufacturers test the spin ability of this broadhead so that it can flight accurately.

Comes with practice head: you don't need to worry about the practice. Because the manufacturers provide you practice head with this package, sometimes hunters won't practice the broadhead which they are going to hunt. The manufacturers include G5 montec practice broadhead for practice.

Affordable price: it is a single piece broadhead with a sharp blade and can co-operate with every type of low and high draw weight bow. All these features are come with a reasonable price. That's a good advantage, after all.


Maybe blunted: some users found that this broadhead was blunted after a few shots.

Solution: you can solve this problem by sharpening them.

Does G5 broadhead will last for a long time?

Yes, it does. It constructs with 100% stainless steel that makes sure the durability of this broadhead. Moreover, it is a common material that lasts long.

For 60lb compound bow, what will be the ideal weight of G5 broadhead?

You can use 100 or 125 grain of broadhead. It is a high draw weight compound bow. So, it will be best if you chose a broadhead over 85 grains.

How to sharpen G5 montec broadhead with house materials?

Well, you don't need any extra tools for sharpening this broadhead. It will be best if you have a flat Whitestone that you can use to sharpen the blade.

Does this broadhead will be worth for the money?

Of course, it does. Because it will serve you extreme work at a single time. The features added to this broadhead offers you to use this for a long time and effectively.


Many archers choose different types of broadheads in case of their purpose. However, if you fix your mind to use a fix blade broadhead, G5 montec broadhead will do the job efficiently. Most of the users give feedback positively by using this broadhead. I am sure you will also enjoy this broadhead.

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