Glendel Pre-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target Review

When you hunting deer without much preparation, you may come home with empty hands due to lack of shooting skill and aim. So, to get success in hunting, you must practice with targets that build your confidence and improve your shooting skill. But there are several types of archery targets for several purposes. In case of hunting, a 3D archery target will be the ideal and suitable target. So, we are here to review a top-rated 3D archery target that is one of the most preferable targets in the market.

Glendel pre-rut buck archery target will give you real-life simulations and actual appearances that give you much confidence while hunting. It is constructing with unique features so that you can use this buck target for a long time as well as for real-life practice.

Glendel archery target is a 3D target, which makes it separate from other archery targets. Glendel 3D archery target has some mind-blowing features that will make you choose this target. It has weather-resistant features, large aiming surface area, and other features make it a perfect 3D archery target. Let’s see some of its unique features that have included:

Easy arrow removal: before buying an archery target, you must have to look for its feature. One of the important features is easy arrow removal from the target. Because it will save you enough time while shooting, well, Glendel 3D deer targets ensure these features through its construction. It is build with poly-fusion technology.

So, it creates many uniform layers in parallel. When the arrow spots the target, it finds its ways to penetrate due to fuse in place. That results in more uniform layers compression, and it will be easier to remove the arrow.

Suitable weight and dimensions: this 3D target is designs entirely by the manufacturers, though. Glendel buck 3D archery target has 36 inches height to the shoulders, and the height of this target is 60 inches. So, it gives you the perfect height to practice with. Because a real deer is look-alike to this target. The buck body weight is 250 pounds whereas the whole target weight is 23 pounds. That’s pretty much ok to carry this archery target.

Replaceable 4 sided insert core: this feature is so-called the main features of this target. Because Glendel buck 3D archery targethas four sided replaceable insert core that ensures you large target surface area. You can hit the target at a certain point you want. It will improve your aiming point and shooting skills. The important features of this target are it can be replaced. These four sides can be shrinkage after hitting the target. So, it will be best if you change this target area. You can change this target area once it gets decrease its lifespan. That will longer the target life.

Five times shooting surface: Glendel pre-rut buck 3D archery target renders you the best service through its marvelous features, construction and design. You can practice more and more with this target that can last long. Well, Glendel ensures this durability and arrow compatibility of this target. You can hit the target at least 1000 shots. That’s a massive shot a target can withstand without many hampers.

Performance: Glendel pre-rut target is renders high-performance to you. This target gives you real-life simulations through its design. It is lightweight, and its dimension is nearly the same as real deer and buck. So, you get knowledge of where to hit the arrow. This target is durable as it makes with weatherproof features. Moreover, you can shoot 1000 times continuously to this target as this target has high withstanding power. Another considerable advantage is the arrow can be removing fast due to poly fusion technology. So, it saves you time.

Can be use by broadhead and field tips: some archery target gets shrinkage while using broadhead. So, it loses its durability due to high power field tips. The glendel buck 3D archery target provides you the features that you can use for both broadhead and field tips. You can use mechanical and fixed broadhead and field tips to fulfill your practice.


Lightweight: Glendel archery target is 23 pounds weight that gives you easy transport ability. You can carry around this target outdoor and indoor.

Replaceable target area: if you hit a certain area for a long time, it may shrink. So, you have to replace it. This archery target has that advantage to replace the target surface area.

Weatherproof: the manufacturers make this target with weatherproof feature. Though it has weatherproof features, you shouldn’t keep it outdoor. It may reduce the life span of the target.

All field tips can use: you can use mechanical broadhead, fixed broadhead, and field tips. So, you get used to this entire trip.

Value for the money: Glendel 3D buck archery target comes with every essential feature that gives you perfect hunting practice session with relatively low price.


Can’t stand for a long time: some user says that, the leg of this target cannot cope with grounds. So, it cannot stand for a long time at all without a back stand.

Solution: the leg of this target is hollow. So, you can use a metal pipe as a back stand into the leg.

What speed of arrow can withstand this target?

Well, this target has such features that both broadhead and field tips cannot penetrate through the other side. It can stop 390 fps speed arrow.

If we shot to the leg, can it stop the arrow?

No, it cannot. Because the leg of this target is construct with plastic materials. So, it can’t stop the arrow with much speed.

Does this target stand with the leg for a long time?

I don’t think so. Because it has hollow space into the leg. It will be best if you use a metal pipe into the leg to stand on the ground.

Does this target worth the money?

Yes. This 3D target will give you a real hunting session. It has more withstanding power, solid constructions, and easy portability. So, this target will be worthy.


Glendel 3D target is a relatively less expensive target with rich features in the market. After practicing with this target, you won’t feel much pressure while hunting a deer or a buck. This target can last long and renders your efficient service. You won’t get disappointed by buying this target.

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