Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows

Whether you are a novice or expert, you must need an ideal arrow that can give you high-performance as well as durability and low price. So, gold tip come with their new invention XT hunter arrows that fulfill all the crucial factors to be an ideal arrow.

The perfect length, suitable tip weight, and perfect diameter of this arrow make it a suitable arrow in this dominant market. Gold tip arrow won't be influenced through windy weather as the thickness, the straightness, and the endpoint weight is accurately measured while construct. So, you don't need to worry about using this arrow. You can outshine your performance by using this gold tip arrow. Gold tip arrows have unique and perfect features as well as come with a reasonable price. You won't be regret buying this.

Gold tip come with new arrows that are designs with new carbon technology, which will ensure the durability of this arrow and its will influence on your performance. The constructions and features of this arrow will help you to outshine your performance. We will discuss the features below:

Spine: your performance depends on the spine of the arrows. Because if arrow spine is bending too much, then you may miss the target. So, it will be best if you chose a stiffer spine for an arrow that has the perfect length and perfect weight of the point in the end. Because of the length is too long and end point is heavy weight, then the possibility of bending is too much.

Gold tip hunter XT arrow shafts construct their arrow under all this consideration so that you can get a much pleasant session with this arrow. This arrow spine will outgrow your performance.

Perfect length: if you are a novice, then you must need to think about the arrow length. Because the short lengthy arrow is not suitable for you. It may fall off from the arrow rest or shelf. It would be best if you chose a perfect length of an arrow that is one or two inches longer than draw length. Well, in that case, gold tip offers you the best arrow length, which will withstand with your bow. It comes with 30 and 32 inches length of an arrow that is perfect for any starter and intermediate bow. This length of arrow will give you an ideal flight as well as performance. Such a perfect arrow this is.

Suitable diameter: the diameter of an arrow is an important part while buying an arrow. Because the penetration and effectiveness of the arrow are dependent on the diameter—gold tips construct this arrow with less than 0.3 inches of all the packs, so, you can use this arrow for target shooting purpose like 3D target, block target, black hole archery-4 sided archery target as well as hunting purpose. It gives you effective penetration as it is built with an ideal diameter scale.

Straightness: the more straight the arrow, the better performance it will render. You have to choose more straight arrow because a straight arrow will influence less in the wind. So, you will get much better performance through a straight arrow. Gold tips XT hunter arrows straight tolerance is +/- 0.003 inches built by the thumb rules. So, this straight tolerance is perfect and will provide better performance while hunting or practicing.

Weight of this arrow: weight of the arrow is another considering factor. Because heavyweight of an arrow will give you more kinetic energy, you will get more speed and penetration that will place a direct impact on your performance. Gold tip hunter XT arrows have a weight tolerance of +/- 2 grains per inch. The arrow's actual weight is 7.3, 8.2, 8.9, and 9.3 for 500, 400, 340, and 300 XT, respectively. This arrow weight of gold tips is naturally more than the average weight of arrows. So, you are likely to get a better result in both hunting and target practice session.

Tips weight: you have to also consider tips weight of the arrow while buying. Because bending of the arrow also depends on tips weight. Experts prefer to have higher tips weight, but if you are a novice, you should start with lower tip weight. Gold tips arrow has a suitable endpoint weight. It has 75-125 grain of tips that are pretty much OK and give you perfect flight and efficient service.

Materials: gold tips manufactures hunting arrows with the carbon material that are pretty stiff. Stiff arrows are suitable for hunting purposes due to less bending and flight deviation. Moreover, carbon arrows are less thinner, which gives you better penetration of the hunting target.


Durability: the durability of these arrows depends on the material. Gold tips are building with carbon material that can last for a long time.

Efficiency: you can do a thousand shots, and yet it gives you the same result. Shot after shot won't let your arrows integrity.

Price: the price of this gold tips arrow is less than any other arrows. Though it builds with carbon material, which is pretty much pricy but yet the package comes with affordable prices.

Made with ideal arrow consideration: gold tips build their arrow with new carbon technology that makes it durable. It abides by all consideration to be an ideal arrow that gives you efficient service while hunting or target practicing.


Length could be a problem for a shorter individual: the gold-tips arrow package comes with different arrows, which is 30 to 32 inches in length. It could be a problem if your bow is long.

Solution: you can prevent this problem by cutting the arrow according to your consideration.

What does it mean by weight tolerances +/- 2 grain in arrows?

It means that the grain per inches of this gold tips arrow is either 2 inches more or 2 inches less in respect of total weight.

What plays a vital role in choosing the spine of the arrows?

Before choosing the spine of the arrows, you have to know about the length of the arrow, the material and size of the arrow, and the weight of the tips.

How to choose the perfect arrow length for the bow?

To choose the perfect arrow length, you have first to measure the draw length of the arrow. Then choose one or two inches long length arrow than the draw length.

Are these 8.9 grain 300 weighted arrows being correct for an 80 lbs draw weight?

Of course, it is. Gold tips arrows build these highest grain weighted arrow for higher draw weight. So, you can try this arrow for these draw weight.


Choosing perfect arrows is much tricky if you are a novice. But gold tips make this easy for both beginner and intermediate users. You get perfect arrows as well as a buying guide that will help you. Gold tips arrows will increase your hunting efficiency surely.

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