Hurricane Bag Archery Target Review

Archery is a kind of game where you put your effort mostly to hit the target accurately. That’s so; you need a sturdy and robust archery target. Well, the good thing is, field logic has invent the most durable archer target, hurricane bag archery target.

Hurricane archery bag target is just a phenomenal invention of field logic. Its large surface area, durability, re-usability, and low price make it a perfect target for a beginner. The constructions of this target are so strategically build so that it can last long. Double-sided target, contrast, and portability separate the hurricane bag archery target from others. This target includes every desirable feature for an archer. You can do practicing, hunting, or just shooting for fun. It works incredibly for high-speed compound bows or crossbows.

Hurricane archery target is highly recommending from the users. Experts and beginners both likes to use this target since it has super special features at a low price. This archery bag target is build to last long, and that will make you love this. It has some impressive features which cause you buy this target:

Both sided target: it has features with both sided target. One-side target is the short-lasting target. So field logic builds this target double side target area with certain aiming point.

Using tri-core technology: One of the most crucial factors of this target is, it is constructing with 1000 P.S.I. Tri-core technology. The layers are places with a hydraulic press that puts over a thousand uniform pressures on the surface. So, it makes a robust and defend able hitting surface from top to bottom and side to side. Some targets are made this process manually. That’s so of the area of this target might not be parallel. Hurricane bag target can withstand over thousand of shots over 400-600 fps speed. So, this target is the number one choice for anyone to practice.

Certain aiming point: This target has big eye icon for the target on the front side. On the other side, a deer vital is stay on the offside from the central aiming points. So, it won’t let the arrow to spoil the aiming point of the front side. If you practice with both sides, it will raise the lifespan of the target.

High contrast: this bag target archery is mostly famous for its visibility. This target features with highly visible shooting eyes against green paste color on the background. That makes the target point visible even at longer distance or overcast weather.

Portability: this archery target has include hanging grommets. It has a carry handle also to carry this from one place to another easily.

This bag target is a suitable target which is constructing with the best technology for the users. One must be impressed with this feature. This unique feature makes them so comfortable to practice with this target.


Durability: the most desirable feature when you are going to buy a target is its durability. Because it’s quite impossible to change the target every month.

Performance: this target has the incredible arrow stopping power as it is built with tri-core technology. It can withstand over a thousand shots of the arrow from the fastest compound bow or even the crossbow. So, this is the first and foremost advantage of using this bag target.

Can stand easily: the depth dimension is almost half of the length of this target. The bottom of the target is flat, and the depth is quite thick enough to stand on its own. So you don’t need any extra cardboard to stand with it as this archery bag target stand is enough.

Low price: this target has include extraordinary features with very low price. This is a great advantage if anyone can practice hunting. This target has friendly feature with fair budget. So, one can afford this target easily.

This archery target gives you every essential features and advantage to make your practice comfortable. You will feel relax by using this target. Surely, it’s a dependable one that you need to practice, and it’s made to last long.


Stuck the field tips: when you shot the target with arrows, sometimes it is tough to pull the arrow. It can grab the field tips of the arrow. So that’s a problem.

Solution: What you need to do to prevent this problem is, you have to cut the bolt from the right of the top side.

Though it has a little bit of disadvantages, this target is highly rated and recommended by the users. One of the most using targets is Hurricane bag target.

At what distances, this target work most efficiently?

Well, this target can be visible at 20 yards to 75 yards. The large aiming point against the brightest color is the reason to work efficiently.

Which one is the ideal Hurricane bag archery target?

If you want to do practice for tournament or hunting, then I would recommend you to use Hurricane 25 inches bag target. Its target surface area is ideal for every type of shooting.

Can this target work with BB gun?

This target is strictly made for archery. But yes, this target may work with this target. BB guns can’t penetrate the target.

Does the target withstand broadheads?

No, broadhead will rip off the target and sometimes it’s almost impossible to remove. Field tips are the best due to easy removal.

Will it stop 400 fps field tips?

Gently, the target is thicker and has quite a large depth. So, it will stop 400 fps field tips quickly.


Hurricane archery bag target is one of the most uses targets with a relatively inexpensive budget that anyone can afford. Its withstanding power and durability make an impression to use this. The feature which is includes in the target has specific reason and advantage that makes the uses more comfortable and relax. It clears the vision and aiming point that helps to hit the target accurately. Wish, you will improve your shooting skill through this target.

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