jaguar 175 lb Recurve Camo Crossbow

If you fix your mind for hunting big animals with a crossbow, then you may need to choose such type crossbow that will render you the best services. So, when you are going to choose a crossbow, you have to consider the speed, accuracy, low weight, and so on. Because these certain factors will reach you the best result. So, we are here to help you to narrow your choice by letting you know a crossbow that you are looking for. Jaguar CR-013 crossbow will fulfill your every criterion to be the suitable and dominant crossbow in the market.

Jaguar crossbow offers you a high draw weight and secure drawing mechanism with high-performance that will render efficient services. You will be glad as it is low-cost crossbow with extending features that will be worth and value for the money.

Jaguar is a well-known manufacture who invents so many crossbows with modern features. Jaguar CR-013 is one of them. This crossbow is lightweight, durable, powerful, has high draw weight, and has many unique characteristics that smooth your practice and hunting session. This crossbow is a perfect entry-level bow, though many intermediate users use this bow for hunting due to high draw weight. We will discuss some of the unique features and show you why it renders the best service:

Design and building: jaguar design this crossbow from the inspiration of military rifle. You feel comfortable and convenient while shooting due to the plan. Moreover, you can rest the crossbow on your shoulder for more privilege in aim. A convenient aim affects your accuracy. So, you must achieve a final hunting session. Jaguar constructs the barrel on slotted cast magnesium, which is a sturdy material. It tracks your bolt flight and provides you extra accuracy.

Dimensions and weight: jaguar designs two models in this category. Though this is not the most significant model it can offer you the same features as the giant crossbow. The dimension is 27*35*7 inches, which is quite impressive to put on and carry.

The weight of this crossbow is 13 oz, which is lightweight and helps you to hold the bow for a long time. Jaguar includes a shoulder back sling so you can get easy transportation. You will no longer think about breaking as it has less moving parts.

Power and velocity: well, the jaguar crossbow is mostly famous for its strength and speed. When you determine to hunt prey, you need enough energy and speed on the bow to penetrate the target harder. Jaguar assures you that kind of energy and velocity. Jaguar crossbow has a draw weight of 175 lbs that ensures pretty much quick speed. The speed of the arrow is 245 FPS, which is enough for catching prey.

You can hunt a medium-size whitetail deer with these kinds of gear. Experts say that to shoot an animal. The crossbow should own the power of at least 75 feet pounds of energy. In that case, the jaguar provides 90 feet pounds of energy. So, you can end up your hunting happily with much prey.

Safety managements: crossbow with cocking system handling is quite sturdy as it can lead you to the injury. So, to prevent injuries, you just need to know how to operate and the safety management. This crossbow has automatic engage and ambidextrous safety. That ensures your safety. Moreover, the jaguar includes safety glasses while hunting. Jaguar contains one more essential thing in this crossbow that it has the anti-dry fire system. That means firing without an arrow. It may cause injuries to you. But Jaguars solve this problem.

Sights: jaguar includes an optical view. The waiver style rail comprises a 30 mm red dot sight that has seven brightness adjustment levels. So, you can adjust in any lightening weather and shot the target accurately. View is also needed to improve the accuracy.

Crossbow package: jaguar crossbow comes with every accessories you need in hunting. The kit includes six bolt detachable quivers. You can store up to six arrows in the quiver, which can take and pick easily. The kits also include four aluminum arrows of 16 inches with 150 gr. Field tips that can penetrate harder the target.

A 30 mm red dot sight with seven brightness adjustment level that can help you to be precise the target. And a shoulder sling to carry the crossbow on your back shoulder that reduces your arms fatigue. Jaguar crossbow is a complete package that you need to start hunting.

This crossbow is an ideal starter bow for the newbie who wants to hunt. The features that include the crossbow will smooth your hunting journey.


Lightweight: jaguar crossbow weighed only 13 oz. This is very lightweight to carry.

Ease of assembling: the crossbow is come with a ready to shoot package. It has mini instructions from the manufacturer. So, you can join the bow step by step quickly.

High-speed: jaguar has 175 draw weight that produces enough speed. It generates 245 FPS that can penetrate the target harder and accurately.

Transportable system: jaguar crossbow includes a shoulder back sling so that you can carry around the bow for a long time without arm fatigue.

Accuracy: the barrel is build with slotted cast magnesium that ensures the accurate arrow flight.

Value for the money: all of the tools and bow comes with a reasonable price that you can afford. Jaguar crossbow price is very affordable to purchase.


It comes without a rope cocking system: the only problem with this jaguar 175 lb crossbow is, it comes without a rope cocking system. So, for a young archer, it may need enough strength to pull the 175 lb draw weight.

Solution: you need to buy a rope cocking system separately. It will reduce more than 50% weight than the manual mode. Moreover, it won’t cost you too much penny.

Can this bow be use for hunting elk?

I don’t think so. Jaguar crossbow generates 245 FPS, which is enough to hunt a deer. To hunt elk, you must need a 300 fps bow.

Which arrow will be work better with this bow?

You can use an aluminum arrow with 125 gr. Tips and carbon arrow with 100 gr. Field tips. Moreover, mechanical broadheads can be work better than fixed broadheads.

How to increase the lifespan of the string?

To elongate the lifespan of the string, you can use lubes on the line. Experts recommend that you have to lube on the line after every ten shots.

In between crank and rope cocking system, what should be the best choice?

I prefer to choose a rope cocking mechanism. It reduces 50% of the draw weight when drawn. Whereas the crank cocking mechanism reduces 10 to 15 lbs pressure of the draw weight.


Jaguar CR-013 crossbow has include every essential feature and parts to hunt. You will get a smooth, comfortable, and accurate hunting. Jaguar crossbow is one of the most suitable introductory hunting bows as recommended by experts. You get a pleasant hunting session as well as a practice session with its easy mechanism.

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