Kings Archery Crossbow Pistol Review

If your purpose is to practice shooting and small hunting games, then you may use low poundage crossbow. But if you want to shift your taste with different types of hunting equipment, then crossbow pistol is one of them. Crossbow pistol is one of the greatest variations of the crossbow. So we will talk about a crossbow pistol that will entertain you with amazing features, kings archery crossbow self-cocking pistol.

Many users call this crossbow as a PVC crossbow as it has PVC coated bolts. This crossbow has a self-cocking system 80 lbs by kings archery that makes it so much accessible pistol crossbow. You will like its unique features, its secure operating system. This crossbow pistol is mostly use for small hunting games. So, you shouldn’t take it as a toy.

Well, kings archery design this crossbow pistol in such a form that a bowman can get the best from it. It includes some extraordinary features which make it easier to operate. Moreover, its draw weight, lightweight, price, and other features make it in an incredible crossbow pistol. We will tell you some of the amazing features of this crossbow pistol that will lead you to purchase this.

Self cocking system: when it comes to mind about crossbow pistol, you may ask that if it has self-cocking system or manual cocking. Because self-cocking system crossbow pistol is easy to operate than the manual cocking system crossbow pistol. Self-cocking means you have to pull back the lever on the frame and draw the string with your choice of bolts.

Under the consideration of easiness, kings archery add this feature to the crossbow pistol. So, you have to cock the lever, then fire cock again and reload. You can make shot after shot and it takes less time, and energy with self-cocking system. This is one of the most crucial features of king’s archery crossbow pistol.

Draw weight: draw weight is an essential factor before buying any type of bow. Because the more draw weight will be, the more the speed will. This is where the advantages lie in self-cocking crossbow pistol. Because kings archery crossbow has 80 lbs draw weight and you don’t need to pull back the string. Whereas you have to pull the string manually in non self cocking pistol crossbow. You can hunt rabbits, varmints, or can do fishing with this poundage of crossbow pistol. This is a perfect draw weight for a starter bow.

Construct with sturdy materials: kings archery is constructing this crossbow pistol with a composite fiberglass material, which is very sturdy. This construction makes sure that it is durable and comfortable to use.
The weight of this crossbow pistol is 2.95 lbs that are quite easy to carry. Since you are meant to practice with this crossbow pistol for a long time in the field or backyards, this lightweight crossbow pistol will help you in that case.

Adjustable sight: sight is essential to improve your accuracy on the target. Kings archery includes an adjustable sight with this crossbow pistol package that will help you to improve your shooting accuracy on the target.

Arrows: one of a crucial feature that you will like about kings archery is they provide a package of arrow bolt that will smooth and accelerate your practice shooting. This crossbow pistol package comes with three aluminum arrow bolts and 24 pieces of PVC arrow bolts. Sometimes aluminum bolt tips may unscrew in the mid-air. But the significant portion of the arrow bolts, PVC, which will fly further than aluminum and it is much durable.

Instructions and technical support warranty: assembling of a crossbow sometimes means quite tricky for a newbie or beginner. To prevent this problem, kings archery includes an instruction into the package so that you can assemble it quickly. Constructing the string may require an extra pair of hands as the bow is 80 lbs draw weight. If you can’t join it, you can find help from the manufacturer or online platform.

You will get any kind of technical support from the manufacturer if you face trouble while using this crossbow pistol. Moreover, it provides 30-day limited warranty in case if you don’t like it or may meet problems in it.
This PVC crossbow pistol will help you to improve your shooting skill. But don’t take it as a toy since it produces high-speed.


High speed: kings archery crossbow pistol has a rate of 165 FPS. It can penetrate the fish, rabbits, or another small hunt.

Amount of arrow bolt: one of a beneficial factor is it includes with 27 arrow bolt. That means you can practice for a long time, and it will save your extra cost for an arrow.

Easy reload: this crossbow pistol has self-cocking system. All you need to do is pull back the string and choose and fire. It takes less energy to an 80 lbs draw weight of crossbow pistol.


Wax should use: after several times of use, the string may get shrink. To elongate the lifespan of the string, you should use string wax before shooting.

Require a better target: you can use a block target or bag target due to its high speed and draw weight.

What will be the perfect range to use this crossbow pistol?

The speed of this crossbow pistol is 165 fps, and draw weight is 80 lbs. So, it can give you a pretty good hunting journey. I recommend shooting from 50 yards range.

Can a teenager use this crossbow pistol?

I don’t think so. Because it needs a lot of energy to pull back the string for a teenager, which is not perfect.

Can this crossbow be use for fishing?

Well, it can be use. You should attach an open-faced spinner on the lower frame and connects the bolt. It will work.

Can you add another sight?

Yes, if you replace the attached bow sight. There is a rail where you can mount both scoop and bow sight.


Kings archery crossbow pistol is a perfect starter bow if you want to do small hunting and target practice. It will give you different tastes and entertainment. You find different and mind-blowing features from the crossbow pistol. I am sure you will love it.

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