Leader Accessories Compound Bow 30-55 lbs Review

If you are a beginner and want to start hunting practice with a bow, you may need instructions to find a suitable bow that works with you efficiently. There is some considering factors which needs to look before you buy a compound bow. Draw weight and length, bow sight, arrow, and essential kits for hunting is the necessary component which you should consider before buy. So, we are here to guide you to find the suitable compound bow you need.

leader accessories compound bow will be the ideal bow with every needed feature for you. This compound bow can use youth, intermediate, and experts to improve their shooting skills at the big animal games. Leader accessories provide every essential requirement for hunting so that you can fulfill your hunt correctly.

It is well-designed bow with accessories that will help to hunt professionally. This bow is just a masterpiece with unique features. The factors that will impress you over other compound bow is ascertain below:

Adjustable draw weight: draw weight means how much force you need to pull back the string. It depends on one’s strength, age, and ability to pull back. But the leader accessories compound bow 30-55 lbs add a unique feature that will help you to increase and decrease the bow weight according to your needs. This compound bow is 30-55 lbs. There’s one pair of a limb which is connect to the aluminum riser. You can adjust the draw weight by turning the limb weight. Allen wrench is also given to the accessories kit with instructions. So, this is a great feature.

Perfect bow length: Bow length and axle to axle length is an essential factor that will determine your difficulty of bow uses. The shaft to shaft length of leader accessories compound bow 30-55 lbs is 19-29 inches, which are very easy to handle for youth and adults. This bow also be useful for traveling large tree stand, doghouse blinds, compact blinds, and so on.

Bow sight: Bow sight is the most essential factor in hunting. Bow sight helps you to fix the target at a long or short distance and make you consistent at hunting. Leader accessories provide bow sight also to the package.

Carbon arrow: Leader accessories compound bow includes 12 pieces of arrow, which is made of carbon. The arrow, which is made of aluminum, is sometimes bending. But carbon arrows are giving you the best flight that will help you to hunt.

Bow wax: Bow wax is included in the accessories kit to this compound bow. It needs for the string and cables. Before shooting, wax them up. It will increase their lifespan.
Leader accessories invent a great compound bow for hunting and shooting. You will feel comfortable using it. This compound bow also comes with instruction of how to adjust the kit with this bow.


This is an excellent compound bow with its extraordinary features. It is a complete package with every essential tool for hunting. The features which makes it so accessible and dominates in the market is its flexibility, high-quality performance, and no extra equipment for archery. Let me tell you some beneficial side of this compound bow.

Include arm-guard: if you don’t want a slap from the string during release the draw, you need to protect your arm. That’s why leader accessories provide arm-guard for your protection. You don’t need to buy an arm-guard extra.

Quiver: leader accessories also include quiver to the compound for keeping arrows. Though the aluminum riser has pre-drilled holes to store the arrow, quiver is an additional tool to keep your arrow. You can use both the quiver or riser hole as per your benefits. I recommend you not to use quiver because it will add extra weight to your bow that may affect your hunting. You can use extra limbsaver silent quiver for your comfort.

Stabilizer: it has all essential tools that help you to hunt or shoot accurately. In that case, a stabilizer is an essential tool. It will decrease vibration during hunting. If you don’t use a stabilizer, it may generate loud and unusual sound, which may be the cause of your discomfort.

Leader accessories compound bow will render more advantages like carrying case, its low weight, dual cam system, high arrow speed, and so on. This is a great compound bow to start hunting and fishing for youth, beginners, and experts.


Light arrow could be ineffective: Light-weight arrow can be useless to this bow. Because when you pull back the draw, the stored energy of the draw will right back to the limbs that may damage it in the worst case.

Solution: you better use an average weight of arrow to get useful performances.

Be careful about adjusting the draw weight: when you change the draw weight by limbs bolt, you have to consider the turns of the pins. Too much turn of the bolt can apart them from the bow.

Solution: be careful about changing the draw weight.

Can this compound bow can use teenager?

A teenager can use a compound bow with a draw weight of 22-40 pounds. Since this compound bow fulfills these criteria, so a teenager can use this compound bow.

What is the perfect range to hit the target for the teenager?

The arrow which is includes with the accessories can hit the target at 60 yards ideally. I recommends for the teenager, 10 to 20 yards will be perfect to hitting the target.

Does this compound bow is ideal for hunting big animal?

Yes, professional hunters use 45-80 poundage draw weight to hunt the big animal. The draw weight of this bow is 30-55 pounds. So, you can hunt animals easily with this compound bow.

Does this bow suitable for fishing?

Yes, leader accessories compound bow is very much suitable for bow fishing. But you have to add a bow fishing reel. Moreover, the poundage of this bow is proper to penetrate the water.


Leader accessories compound bow is the perfect bow for your hunting adventure with affordable price and exceptional features. The accessories kit will make your hunting easy and comfortable. You don’t need any extra add-on as every essential tool is includes with the bow. So, I can frankly admit that it’s a great bow for hunting.

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