Barnett Outdoor Lil Banshee Jr Compound Youth Archery Set Review

Whenever your child wants to start hunting practice or shooting practice, you may need to check out that which bow will be suitable. So, we will give you a short review about a bow that will offer your child high-performance as well as efficient service. Barnett outdoors lil banshee is that kind of Jr compound bow which will be suitable and ideal for young enthusiastic archers.

This lil banshee young compound bow has every essential accessories and features as like any adult compound bows. The draw weight, draw length, bow weight, and other accessories will work best for the young archers. It will be helpful for a young child who wants to be an expert in operating compound bow. This youth archery set from Barnett has exceptional features to get start bow shooting properly for a young child. It will lead your child in next level of archery.

Barnett youth archery set provides complete material for shooting or hunting. Young kids like to use this archery set for practicing. Lightweight, draw weight-length, attractive color, and many more features have includes in this youth archery set, which makes a complete package for a beginner. Handling property of this compound youth archery set makes so more comfortable to use. Let me ascertain some exceptional features which will make you interested in buying this.

Suitable draw weight: Draw weight of this youth archery set is 18 pounds, which makes the practice more comfortable. A young beginner have to practice bow shooting at 10 pounds weigh of a draw. Barnett youth archery set provides considerable weight, which is design for kids. With this set, hunting practice will be more fun and comfortable.

Superb handling property: Some of the compound bows are only right-hand user friendly. But Barnett youth lil Banshee Jr compound archery set has a unique feature that it can use both right and left-hand users. This set is design with a soft touching grip, which reduces wound on hand. The youth compound archery set also has non-slipping features during the shot that makes sure the accurate and fruitful result.

Perfect draw length for kids: draw length is an essential factor for shooting the bow. A young beginner must feel comfortable during shooting a bow that depends on a draw length. Barnett archery set gives 18-22 inch draw length that finds 300 to 450 fields per second speed. That means this set shifts the highest practicing service for a young hunting beginner.

A complete package with every essential tool: Barnett youth compound archery set includes every essential tool for shooting or hunting practice. This package provides finger roller, arrow, pin sight, and package carriage.

Finger rollers are using with bows. Its job is to pull up and down the string with arrow draw and length. By using a finger roller, you can fix the target point more accurately.
Two pieces of an arrow are includes in this set, which has a natural dart-throwing feature. Point to be noted; this arrow is not for hunting. It will be best for practice shooting.
Pin sight is another tool in this set. Pin sight is needed to adjust the arrow with the bow and also not to make a mistake during a shot.

Attractive color: one of the features of this set is an attractive color with Realtree camouflage, pitch black, and pink. Both male and female generation can like and fit with these colors.
This archery set is only use for practice shooting, and it can help a young to build their skill like a professional.


Transport ability: Barnett youth compound archery set is a transportable feature as it provides a carrying case for the bow.

Durability: This archery set has a solid frame and made of the highest quality of materials. It won’t be apart if it is falling several times. Lil Banshee also gives five years warranty against defects in materials and provides the service with free. That’s a great advantage. It’s quite durable too.

Ambidextrous: Another benefit one can get from this set is, it is ambidextrous. That means a right-hander pull the string back with right hand while holding the bow with left hand and opposite to the left-hander.

Low weight and full package: An addition of a finger roller makes the set more comfortable to use. Young archers can be benefit from this set as the weight of this model is pretty light. The weight of this model is 1.8 pounds, which is pretty good to carry for a young child.


Arm-guard is not include: arm guard is not includes in this set. Since young kids don’t know how to shoot correctly, so they might get string slap on their arm.

Solution: So, it will be better to get one and make sure your protection.

Target does not include: target is not include in this archery set. The tip of the arrows, which is provides with the set, is blunt. So arrows won’t hit harder to the targeted point.

Solution: It will be a better decision to get the target. You can use 3D target for real life experience.

N.B: String and cables will be fade where the arrow’s nock. So wax them before shooting. It will rise there lives a bit.

What will be the ideal draw weight and length for a child?

Professionals can draw 18 pounds and 18-22 inches. Drawing 10 pounds weigh and 10-12 inches will be ideal for the children.

Can anyone go fishing with this bow?

No, since the tips of this arrow is blunt. It cannot penetrate the water hard and hit the fish accurately. I recommend you to practice shooting and improve your skill.

Does this model allow different types of arrow?

Yes, the target is made of fiberglass. So it will lose its tips for several times. You can use the same length of aluminum arrows.

Does this set is helpful for hunting?

No, this set is build for the young archer. So this set is not strong enough to hunt animals. Though the tip of the arrow is blunted, it might hurt humans and animals.

How much the weight of this model affects children?

It entirely depends on the strength of the children. An eight year strong kids can bear the poundage whereas eleven year kids can’t take the weight.


Lil Banshee Jr archery set is the best option for practice shooting to the young kids. Kids who are enthusiastic about archery can improve their shooting skills through this set. The extraordinary feature of this archery set helps them to build their career as a beginner to professional.

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