Limb Saver Silent Quiver Review

If you are planning for hunting, you might need essential equipment like bows, arrows, and so on. Quiver is one of them, which job is to store the arrows and get attach to the bow. So, to get the perfect quiver, we are here to guide you. Limb saver is one of the most famous companies that produce many kinds of outdoor equipment. Silent quiver is one of the leading products of limb savers.

The limbsaver silent quiver is the most popular since it provides all the ideal features to be the ideal quiver. It is silent. Lightweight can hold a lot of arrows, less noise and vibration, and sturdy, which makes it well-known quivers in the market. You will get the high-performance work, marvelous features from this relatively low-cost silent quiver.

Limb saver is a trusted manufacturer when it comes to talking about hunting products. It manufactures the silent quiver with some unique features that separate it from other’s quivers. You are going to let you know why it is the ideal quiver in the market and what the uniqueness in this quiver is. We will let you know about it.

Versatile design: limb saver design this silent quiver with versatile design. This feature is includes to fit both the fixed and expandable broadhead. So, you can store any types of arrow tips you want. Moreover, the double rubber gripper is adding to the quiver so that you can fit any length of the arrow. Mostly wide length of arrows. This mechanism helps you when you pull out the arrow.

You can pull out the arrow easily, and when you keep the arrow into the quiver, it won’t be loose. So, your arrow won’t be fallout from the quiver. It smooths your arrow storage and sticks out with the quiver process comfortable.

Uses modern technology for less noise: one of the unique features that make the competition irrelevant with the quiver is it produce almost zero noise and vibration. When you pull out an arrow from the quiver, it may produce sound, and the animal get alert. So, you may miss the target. Limbsaver quiver solves the problem of noise and vibrations. It uses NAVCOM technology that dampens the sound and vibration so that you can do the hunting without noise. If you are in a hurry to pull the arrow, it still would be quite silent and won’t scare the animal.

Arrow storage: before choosing a quiver, you have to check the arrow storage capability. Because you may fall short of the arrow while hunting, so, keep the extra arrow will be the better decision. Limb saver design this silent quiver for five arrow storage capabilities. You can take out arrow easily.

Quick disconnect system: the manufacturers design this quiver with quick disconnect system so that you can carry it easily. The system is operated through the easy-to-access thumb mechanism. So, you can adjust and reshape quickly. Moreover, the quiver has a hole in the cords so you can hang the tools in the room after finishing the hunting job. That’s a great feature of silent quiver.

Durable: limb saver silent quiver is called robust quiver as it is construct with carbon fiber, which makes it durable. This quiver has the ability to withstand at any weather and make your hunting comfortable.

Limb saver includes every essential feature that you need in hunting. It is lightweight, so you can carry this for a long time without arm fatigue. Both right and left-handers can use this quiver, and it can attaches with every type of bow. Moreover, you can use long and short arrows with fix and expandable broadheads.

Comparison between bear archery vs. limb saver

Well, we find out the difference between the limb savers and bear archery. What makes the limb saver different is it has five arrow capacity systems, and the constructing material is carbon fiber, which is sturdy and durable. Whereas bear archery has three arrow storage capacity and construct with leather material that might destroy in adverse weather.


Durable: limb saver design this silent quiver with carbon fiber that is a robust and sturdy material. So, it ensures the durability of the quiver. You can use this for a long time.

Universal design: this silent quiver has a universal design that means you can use both field tips and broadheads.

Adjustable: the silent quiver is mechanized with a single thumb. So, you can reshape it and adjust it as your requirements.

Less noise and vibration: due to NSVCOM technology uses in the quiver, it absorbs the sound and vibration and gives you a clean hunting journey.

Value for the money: you can’t get a quiver with such kind of features at such a low cost. That will be worth more than that.


Samick sage won’t be adapted: this silent quiver is not matched with the Samick sage recurve bow.

Solution: you should use different types of bow apart from the Samick sage.

Will a diameter of 1.5 inches broadhead be fit with this quiver?

I don’t think so. The smallest diameter that covers up all the areas of this quiver is 1.3 inches. So, I think 1.5 inches broadhead won’t be fit.

Does this quiver fit with Matthew’s z3 bow?

Yes. Matthew’s bow has pre-drill into the riser. This quiver doesn’t work with a particular riser. So, this quiver fits with this easily.

Will this quiver be fit with a compound bow?

Well, if the compound bow has a hole for the quiver and two screw quiver system, then it will work. Leader accessories compound bow will work best.

What is the depth of the hood?

Well, I measure the depth of the hood is 13/4, where the broadhead sits. You can use an intermediate radius of the broadhead, and it will work best.


Limb saver takes the silent quiver features far more distance than another quiver. The unique feature, which makes it special, is a sound dampening system. You can get more advantages through the elements used in the quiver. Both expert and professional use and recommended this silent quiver for its high-performance.

If you want to learn more, check this video.

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