All you need to know about Mule Deer vs Whitetail

If you are going to hunting deer, ruts, bucks, you must need to learn about the prey so that you can recognize them well and take proper steps to hunt. So, we are here to let you know about the differences between mule deer and whitetail deer. Both mule and whitetail deer are though it has some similarities so that you may face a bit of confusion.

But we will sort out this problem in this review. You are going to know about the shape, size, behavior, aggression, food habit, visual difference, and movement of both mule and whitetail deer. There is a similarities between mule deer and whitetail deer. Mule and whitetail deer have the same species. So, they have a similarity as well as dissimilarity because of orders. Let us show you the difference and similarity of mule and whitetail deer:

Appearances of a mule and whitetail deer
Facial appearances of mule deer

The face of mule deer is typically white, and the forehead is darker. The white tone of the face is lighter than its oats.

Facial appearances of whitetail deer

The face of whitetail deer is less white than mule deer, and it has little bit tints on their face. They also have a white ring-like symbol in their throat region.    Similarity: both deer, has a white patch on the throat.

Ear size and shape

In naked eyes, you will feel like both species have similarities in ear shape. But if you look carefully, you will get that there are difference between mule deer and whitetail deer size. Mule deer has bigger and larger ears than whitetail deer. Dissimilarity between them is ear shape. Ear of whitetail deer is round, whereas the ear of mule deer looks like a pointer. The ear of mule deer is set from the head is around 30 degrees, and in whitetail deer, they are more vertical position.
One important thing about ear is the size of ears names mule deer. So, that’s a crucial factor.

Tail size

Let me describe the difference of tail in between mule and whitetail deer. Ears name mule deer, but how whitetail got their name do you think? Well, they got their name by the tail. But how do you differentiate them where both the deer has the same color as the tail. There’s a clue about that. Whitetail deer use their will dart up their tail whenever they fall in trouble. But mule deer won’t do it.
There’s another difference in their tail that mule deer has black color around the edge of the tail, and the tail is thin than whitetail deer.

Coat colors

There are great differences in the coat color of both mule and whitetail deer. However, you can also apart separate them. Because coat colors of mule deer are grayish and brownish and whitetail deer has reddish and brownish. But you have to care about whitetail deer whenever you differentiate them. Because differentiate them by coat color might be tricky. Coat colors of whitetail deer are grayish in the winter season. So, you have to care about this.


There is an eye-catchy difference between mule deer and whitetail deer antlers. Antlers of mule deer look like a fork, which is a divide in two, and each of them also divides into two forks. Whereas the antler of whitetail deer is growing from a single beam. Another important difference is the antler of mule deer is taller than whitetail deer.
Whitetail deer sheds their antler in January and February, whereas mule deer do this in February and March.

Overall shape

So, we are now at the end of the visual characteristics of both mule and whitetail deer. One last characteristic of mule and whitetail deer is mule deer is more significant than whitetail deer. Usually, in the cold northern state of America, the mule deer you got is larger than the southern state of America, which is warm.
Mule deer and whitetail deer could be 125 to 330 lbs in weighing, and they are about 42 inches in mature age.

Survival differences

Well, in that case, both species have the same survival issues. Because mule and whitetail deer both are hunted by predators like wolves, coyotes, and humans too. Let me clear one thing that, most of the time, predators hunt the old and young doe or bucks. If the doe or bucks have enough maturity on their body, their survival chances are higher. They can easily hear the sound of predators and leap and jump off the obstacles. 

Reproductive differences

In the reproduction of these deer, you slightly get differences. Mule deer mate in between mid-November to late November whereas whitetail deer do that at mid-November to early December. The gestation period of mule deer is seven months, but for whitetail deer, it is six to twelve months. Both species breed at only six months age, but whitetail deer has biological advantages. They can produce earlier than a mule.
Both have the same characteristics of the breed. They breed a fawn at first-time birth, and after that, they can produce two deer end of the gestation.

Aggression and movement

So, we are now the end of the review. Before we close this, we will let us know the most important thing about these species. The most significant difference between mule and whitetail deer is patience. Mule deer has a lot more composure than whitetail deer. If you want to hunt a whitetail deer, you have to be aware of some factors. It would be best if you were mindful of your scent because they have a strong smell of senses. Moreover, you have to care about the sound you make when hunting them. Because they can immediately tail up and bound away. So, it would be best if you hunted a whitetail deer in a silent method.

Mule deer also have a strong sense of smell, but the things that will give you pleasure is they have more tolerance scale of sound than whitetail deer. Their mobility also great, but if you put a perfect plan to hunt them, you can easily imply them due to their characteristics of sound tolerances.
Another difference is that mule deer use hops to escape from the predators when caught, whereas whitetail deer we gallop to flee from predators.


We clear the fact about mule deer and whitetail deer. We provide all the things you need to know about these species. You can differentiate them easily as well as you can take proper steps by reading their characteristics. I hope you will get enough information that will help you farther.

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