NXT Generations 3D Inflatable Deer Target Reviews

If you want your child to be skilled at hunting, they need to practice with a real target. So, Next generations bought an inflatable 3D deer target that helps your child to improve their shooting. This 3D deer archery target is designed with some crucial features that benefited your child to gather experience in hunting.

Its low price, uses, portability, lightweight, and so many features make the target so popular to the user. Your child will enjoy shooting and practice more with this target. 3D deer target gives them a real experience of hunting and makes them passionate about archery. The 3D target renders, manufactured by the next generations, provide the highest quality consideration to the child. This target is designed with special features based on the child using capability. So, your child will get the best from this target.

Next generations design the 3D deer target with exceptional features that helps a child to do practice completely. Your kid can do perfect practice through the 3D target. There are some notable features that will make you interested in buying this:

Little storage space: This target will hold a tiny bit of* space into the house. This deer target dimension is 18*36*48 inch that can take place one place to another very easily.

Indoor and outdoor using capability: This target is around 48 inches tall, and weight is 1.67 pounds. It is very lightweight and has portability. So, you don’t need to suffer from carrying this target. You can use this target in indoor and outdoor as you feel comfortable. In the rainy or hot summer season, your child can practice shooting in indoor due to its lightweight and easy portability. That’s a great advantage.

Fix aim point to the target: there is a clear aim point to the target. The 6-inch target area makes the child more concentrated to hit into this area. They have a clear vision in a certain area to hit. So, that makes them more focused on practice and will help to improve the shooting skill. There are eight-point whitetail deer. Thus, children can hit not only the six-inch circle but also this whitetail point to practice accurately.

Certain types of hoops used: Next generation design this target for the child. So, this 3D inflatable target doesn’t allow a high level of the arrow. The foam has built for hooks, loop, or suction cup projectiles.

Inflatable target: This target has a unique feature. It can inflate and deflate. When you need to practice, you can inflate the target. End of the practice, you can deflate the target to save your storage space. That costs no suffering to use this target.
Moreover, a 3D deer archery target is ideal for your child to practice hunting. They can get experience from the young ages as they are a practice with this target.

This is a useful 3D target for hunters who want to gain real-life experience. However, if hunting is not your purpose and you want to shoot, then you should choose other targets like, foam, block, and bag target. That kind of target will improve your shooting skill.


Low price: This 3d deer target is very low budget equipment to practice hunting. As a fresher hunter, the cost might be an essential factor. But NXT generation provides a 3D inflatable deer target to the child hunter. So, this will help a child to gather experience quickly.

Lightweight: This target weighed about 1.67 pounds, which is a very lightweight target to carry. You can carry this target very comfortably, one place to another.

Specific aiming points: There are eight whitetail points and a six-inch circle on the target. That helps a child to concentrate more on aiming points. It will make them skilled at shooting.

Ease of use: This target can inflate and deflate in need. You can save your storage space by deflating the target after practice. When you need to practice, you can inflate it quickly. That is a beneficial factor.

Can use at indoor and outdoor: One of the most beneficial factors is, your child can practice this target at both outdoor and indoor. This target is very easy to carry and very light. Moreover, it can deflate and inflate. So, in reverse situations, you can practice hunting indoor.

This fantastic and cheap 3D inflatable deer target is now dominant in the target industry. Its high performance, quality, price, and many other beneficial factors make the target popular. 


Need to use hoops: this 3D target is designed for the child. So, you cannot use arrows.

Solution: Since it is a 3D archery target for young archer, you can use loops, hooks, and suction cups for the best results.

Need to put air: After the use of several times, the air may deflate again and again.

Solution: you should inflate air into the target.

How to let the air into the target?

There is no valve for blowing up the target. But there’s a pore on the antler and on the leg to blow up the target with air.

What is the ideal distance for a kid to hit the target?

That depends on what type of bow your kid use. I recommend hitting the target from twenty yards away. That is the ideal distance.

Does the target need any stand?

No, it doesn’t. If you inflate the dear properly, then it will stand. If not, it will fall quickly. you should buy one for safety.

Does the target allow broadheads?

No, it doesn’t allow broadheads or any field tips. That will tear up the target. You should better use Velcro tips, hooks, loops, or suction cups.

How many targeted points have been identified in this target?

This target has eight whitetail points. They are located at the sides, each of the legs, nose, and tails. The six-inch circle is the most used aiming point.


NXT generation has introduced its innovation to the child for increasing their hunting skill. This 3D deer target gives the child an adventurous practice session. Your kid will enjoy practicing hunting with this target. This low budget target helps your child to accumulate accuracy in shooting and gather experience.

How to shoot at the 3D deer target

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