PSE Archery Snake Recurve Bow Review

If you want to buy a bow to your child so that they can get introduced to the archery, you must choose a young archery bow. You have to consider the draw weight, bow weight, bow length, and other factors. Because if the users don’t feel comfortable with the bow, then he may fall behind in archery sport due to the equipment. So, we are here to review such a kind of bow that will be perfect, suitable, and ideal for your child.

PSE archery snake recurve bow is the one that will be the perfect bow for young archery. The draw weights, bow weight, draw length, and every specification of this recurve bow are specially design for youth and beginners. So, you don’t need to worry about what bow will be suitable for your child as PSE builds this one.

PSE archery is a common name in the archery market as they provide quality archery equipment as well as accessories. This time they invent snake recurve bow, which is design for young archers. Every specification of this bow are matches with a young bow so that they can get experience with archery world. Let us reveal some of its feature.

Draw weights: draw weight of a bow is how much force you have to apply to shoot the arrow. The more force you need to use, the more speed the arrow will gain. PSE archery constructs this recurve bow for young and beginners archer. So, they build this bow with literally low draw weight so that they can pull the string easily. The draw weight of this bow is 25 lb, which is very easy to pull. Moreover, users can use this bow with that kind of draw weight in shooting practice.

Draw length: draw length is how much you pull the string from the riser. The more you pull the string, the more speed you gain. The draw length of this recurve bow is 29 inches. Experts recommend that to shoot in the backyards, draw length has to be at least 28 inches. PSE builds this youth bow under this consideration. So, users can easily draw the bow and get a desire able result. PSE snake recurve bow has 60 inches in length.

Bow weight: another important factor is bow weight. Because if the bow is heavy to lift, users may face problems to hit the target accurately. So, the bow weight has to be light. Well, this PSE snake recurve bow is very much lightweight as the bow weight is 2.5 lbs. The user can easily lift it and shoot it comfortably.

Riser: when you choose a recurve bow to use, you must look for the quality of the riser. Because your shooting practice depends on how better your riser is, but this PSE snake has a well polish riser and grip so that the user can easily pick the riser and shoot. Moreover, the riser is build of wood and lamination that ensures durability.

Quality limbs: A limb is the main part of a recurve bow, and the power depends on the limb. This snake bow builds the limb of wood and fiberglass lamination, making it more resilient. This sturdy material ensures the durability of the bow so that the user can use it for a long time. The riser is pre-installed with the limbs, and the string is connecting with the limb.

Ambidextrous: most of the time, archers get into the problem due to the specific bow individual uses. But PSE archery prevents this problem. They design this snake archery recurve bow for both right and left-hand users. You don’t need to worry as your child is either left hand or right hand. This recurve bow is useful for both right and left-hand users. This is an ambidextrous recurve bow for youth users.

Performance: this snake recurve bow is an excellent invention by PSE archery. They design this for young archers so that they can get introduced to the archery and get experience also. This is a single piece of bow and lightweight. So, young and beginners can easily use this bow. This bow can be used in backyards garage, or open field for shooting practice. Other technical specifications are perfectly matched for the young archer. So, they get success by using this snake recurve bow.


Lightweight: it’s a lightweight bow with only 2.5 lbs that any young users can lift it and shoot it quickly. Moreover, you can use this bow anywhere as it easy to carry.

Durability: the limbs and riser are building wood and fiberglass lamination, which ensure the durability of the bow. You can use this recurve bow for a long time.

Accuracy: This PSE silver snake recurve bow is a single piece bow that has lightweight, perfect draw weight and draws length. So, you get an accurate and pleasant shooting practice session with this recurve bow. 

Versatility: both right and the left-hand user can use this recurve bow as PSE archery design this recurve bow in the ambidextrous system.


String: the only problem with this bow is, the string is not up to the mark.

Solution: if you want to get the best services from this recurve bow, you better spend some penny to buy a quality string.

Does this bow be used for hunting?

No, PSE archery clearly instructs that this snake recurve bow is for young and beginners user. They construct this bow for only shooting practice.

Can this bow accept extra add-ons for shooting accessibility?

I don’t think so. Because it has no pre-installed drill to the limbs, but any experts archery shops may be drilled the limbs for using extra tools.

Does this bow produce sound while shooting?

Well, the sound which is produced while shooting is average. However, you are likely to practice shooting with this bow. So that won’t be a problem.

Which arrow will be performing better with this bow?

You can use a carbon or aluminum arrow with 100-grain field tips. Because, 100-grains field tips are suitable for shooting practice.


PSE archery snake recurve bow is an excellent choice for youth who want to improve their shooting skills. This recurve bow has every necessary feature that can help you to increase your target shooting skill. Moreover, you will gain experience by using this recurve bow.

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