Rage Chisel Tips Broadhead Review

Archer and hunters love to hunt the prey when they get the most desire able result while hunting. So, they choose the suitable bow as well as accessories. Well, broadhead here plays a vital role. You have to choose such kind of broadhead that can give your desire able result. Rage chisel tips are going to provide extreme work in that case.

Rage is a well-known brand that produces the amazing broadhead. This time they come with chisel tips that are accurate, durable, low price, and highly efficient. So, you won't be regret using this broadhead. The penetration and flight deviation will give you amazements that you won't find from other broadheads. This broadhead is the preferable broadheads by the users.

Rage is broadhead manufacturers which are famous for its accuracy, and customer service. This time they come with a new broadhead that can give you more blood trial, ethical kill, efficiency, and bone-crushing tips. Surely, you are going to love this broadhead by its vibrant and phenomenal features. We will show you some of its feature that will blow your mind:

Design with shock collar Technology: rage chisel tips is design with shock collar
technology that prevents pre-deployment. There are two flat ends at the bottom
of both blades that are not sharpened. Incorrect placement of the blade can be dangerous because it can be pre-deployed. Here is the shock collar that plays
its role. With this technology, you can hold your arrow with one hand, and with the other hand, you can place and tighten the broadhead that will ensure the proper seating of the blade.

No pre-deployment: one of the significant reasons you should choose rage chisel due to its perfect deployment. Some broadhead deploys before hitting that causes less blood trial, and it can't penetrate and damage the vital organ. So, it will be a great hamper. But rage chisel tips have experiment that the blade of this broadhead is not pre-deployed. It deploy at the perfect time that will give you an efficient result.

low quality bow: sometimes, some of the broadheads are work for the certain bow. So, you have to choose a broadhead that has versatile uses. Rage chisel tips give you this advantage. You can use this broadhead for both higher and lower draw weight bow, and you will get the same result. The blade will be deploy and cut the same length. Rage broadhead also work with powerful crossbow.

Penetration: before choosing a broadhead, you have to check out how much penetration it can do. Because successful hunting depends on penetration directly. Well, you don't need to think about twice if you choose this 2 blade rage chisel tip. It ensures you the highest penetration with maximum blood trials. So, you will be more likely to get more and more prey.

Durability of this broadhead: rage broadhead have experiment with the strength of their new coming broadhead. They use this broadhead for two different types of clipboards in different geometrical structures. Both time they get an accurate flight deviation and the blade also deflect. So, it ensures the durability of this broadhead. You are most likely to choose a durable broadhead that can give you efficient services for a year. Rage chisel tips give you this feature.

Accuracy: there are many important factors while buying a broadhead. Experts reveal that among many factors, accuracy is the most important and desire able factor while choosing a broadhead. You can kill prey with an accurate shot. In that case, broadhead will help you with its slap cutting and accuracy. As I say, rage
experiments this chisel broadhead before release. They shot this broadhead with
different types of a bow with varying weights of the draw to measure the accuracy. Want to know the result? They get almost the same result with this broadhead. The accuracy of this broadhead is two times better than any field point.

Weight: weight of this tips is 100 grain. Experts recommend using 100-grain broadhead for carbon and aluminum arrows to the maximum outcome. Rage designs this broadhead under this consideration.


Flight Deviation: flight deviation of this tips is excellent. It doesn't flaw while flying. So, you are going to get an excellent result.

Replaceable blades: replaceable blade feature is a great advantage. You can replace the blade as well as can sharpen them. Rage add this feature so that you can use this for a long time.

Durability: this extreme rage chisel tips are durable in every weather. You can shot after shot and get the same result for a long time.

Low price: it comes with three packs under reasonable price. That is even less price than any other high-quality broadhead.

High-penetration: you get a higher blood trail with this chisel tips broadhead. It can penetrate more to the vital organs as the blades are behind the tips.

Comes with practice head: this broadhead also come with practice head so that you can use it in a practice session.


Can cause error flight: if you place the blade accurately, you are most likely to get error flight and pre-deployment of the blade.

Solution: all you need to get a successful hunting session from broadhead is to place the blade accordingly.

To a higher weight aluminum shaft, what will be the weight of broadhead?

You can use this 100-grain broadhead almost every carbon and aluminum shaft. But to be specific, you can use a 125-grain broadhead.

What steps should take to prevent pre-deployment?

To prevent pre-deployment, you have to hold the arrow with one hand and fix the blade into the broadhead with the other side and make sure that it is tight.

In between cut on contact and chisel tips, what will be the better choice?

That entirely depends on one's preference. Cut on contact tips, and chisel tips have specific features that do their job accordingly. You better know the difference between them.

Can the blade of this broadhead be replaceable?

Yes, it can. The included two blades of this broadhead can replace. You can also sharpen them if you don't want to replace them.


Rage chisel tips broadhead have particular jobs that are hunting the prey extremely good. The accuracy, flight deviation, high penetration, versatile uses, and low price makes it one of the preferable broadheads to the hunter. I am sure; you are going to love this broadhead due to its rich and unique features and high performance.

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