Predator Archery Raptor Compound Bow Review

When you are very enthusiastic about archery and want to master hunting, then you must need a such kind of bow that will render you efficient services and versatile advantages. Don’t worry about it; we are here to help you. We will let you know a compound bow that has excellent features and extraordinary design, which will help you to improve your skill and hunting adventure. Predator archery designs raptor compound bow that provides you multiple advantages at a single time. Its design, structure, and performance everything will blow your mind.

Raptor compound bow is mostly famous for their high-efficient performances as the manufacturer’s design this bow very gently. Technical specifications like draw weight draw length, speed, accuracy, more features, which is on the favor of every type’s user level. You get a secure, smooth, and comfortable hunting journey, whatever your skill level.

Predator archery is widely known for its efficient customer services and loyalty. The manufacturers invent raptor compound bow that is durable, reliable, and flexible while hunting. Predator raptor compound bow eases your hunting journey with its marvelous features like draw weight, sturdy constructing materials, and more technical specifications. Let me summarize some of its features that will guide you to choose this compound bow:

Adjustable draw weight: Raptor compound hunting bow has many crucial factors that smooth your hunting session. Predator archery customizes many features to comfort your hunting. Adjustable draw weight is one of them. The draw weight, which is design in the raptor, is widely adjustable from 30 lbs to 70 lbs. This draw weight is perfect for both novice and expert. If you are a novice, you should start with low poundage draw weight in case of practice. But if your motto is to hunt big animals, you must choose higher draw weight.

Once you outgrow your performance, you can shift to higher draw weight as it has an adjustable draw weight system. Another crucial point about the draw weight of raptor is, you have to put little effort while drawing the highest poundage.

Suitable draw length: Shorter draw length generates faster arrow delivery whereas longer draw length generates less fast arrow delivery compared to shorter. So, predator archery designs this raptor compound bow in such a way so that you can get a quite fast arrow speed.

Draw length of raptor compound bow is 24.5 to 31 inches, which is pretty much okay for the newbie and the experts. This length of the draw is generating quite impressive speed that will penetrate the target harder.

Design and constructing materials: the predator archery designs raptor bow in such a way that you can feel comfortable with the bow while hunting. One of the most important things about a compound bow is, you have to choose a sturdy bow that will withstand in every weather. So, predators manufacture this raptor compound bow with fully aluminum materials in the riser, cam, and limbs. Aluminum material is sturdy material, as well as durable. So, it can withstand almost every adverse weather and become the first choice material when building a bow. The riser is well-polished with aluminum, so you can grip the riser comfortably and shoot easy and quickly.

Cam system is also built with aluminum materials, which ensures durability and reliability. Limb, which is known as the backbone of a compound bow, is also constructed with aluminum that ensures proper flexibility and strength. There is no use of plastic as it is known as less durable and bending too much after few times of applications.
The material, which is uses in a bow, should have enough tensile force. Because while drawing, it stores enough energy and releases with a high tensile strength. Aluminum material assures that it can take much pressure.

High speed: if you are on the way to hunt, you must need a speedy weapon that can penetrate pierce fully. Raptor compound hunting bow ensures that kind of speed, which can give you enough speed and accuracy. Predator archery raptor compound bow generates 315 fps speed that is enough to hunt elk, deer, and other animals.

If you want a better result in the hunt with that speed, I recommend you to use 350 gr. broadhead. It will work much efficiently than other field tips with that speed. You get an accurate, fast, and smooth hunting session.

75% let-off: one of the most mind-blowing things about raptor compound bow is it has 75 % let off. That means you will feel more than light than the actual draw weight. If you draw the string at 70 lb you will feel only 17.5 kg that is too low while shooting the arrow, and you get enough time to hit the target. Whatever weight you draw, it will reduce 75% weight due to the let off. So, we can say that it will affect your skill development and better hunting.

Lightweight: the lightweight bow will make your hunting and practice easy. So, predator archery designs this compound bow with only necessary components so that it can’t weigh too much. It is only 3.6 lbs that is much reliable while carrying. You can take it with or without a sling and for a long time.

Noise and vibration: this is an essential thing while hunting. Because you have to shoot in peace and never alert the prey during hunting. So, raptor includes a stabilizer to reduce the vibrations, and has a design with limb dampener that reduces limb vibration. That’s a great feature.

Bow package: raptor compound bow package comes with all necessary tools that you need to hunt. It comes with, a stabilizer to reduce vibration, five-pin sight that can adjust the brightness, peep sight, four-point quiver, arrow rest, and two paper targets. So, you don’t need to buy any tools separately. It will cost too much money if you need to buy all these components. You can buy extra high quality bow sight or rifle scope for precise view that can help you to aim properly.

Predator archery compound bow is known as the most uses a bow for the beginner and experts due to its versatile uses.


Value for the money: this raptor compound bow has come with every essential kit under reasonable prices. You don’t need to buy any tools extra. Raptor compound bow has exceptional features at affordable prices.

Speed: it generates enough speed. So, you can hunt big animals at this speed.

Durable: the material which is use in this bow is sturdy and robust, which ensures the durability of the bow.

High-performance: raptor gives you highly efficient service with its extraordinary design and features.

Comes with a guarantee: predator archery ensures you that if you don’t like this bow, they will refund your full money within 30 days. But if you want this bow, you will get a lifetime guarantee.

Ready to shoot package: this compound a bow comes with ready to shoot bow. You just need to adjust it. Then it is available for hunting.


Need to buy an arrow: the only tools you have to buy extra are an arrow. It didn’t come with an arrow.

Solution: you should buy the arrow if you fulfill your hunting journey. Arrow won’t cost you too much.

Does this bow able to hunt big animals like moose, deer?

Yes, it does. The draw length, draw weight, and speed are enough to penetrate the bigger animal like moose, elk, or deer.

Can this bow be used for bow fishing?

Yes, it can. It has enough power to penetrate the water. You have to add a bow fishing reel to the riser/d-loop. It will help you to fish.

What should be the brace height and axle to axle length for hunting?

To hunt big animals, the brace height should be at least 7.5, and axle to axle length should be 28 inches for a compound bow.

To replace the strings, what should be the size?

If you need to replace the string, you need to measure the line of this bow. I recommended using the string size for this bow is 55.3 inches.


Raptor compound bow has such a unique feature of let off that even females, teen, and adults can use this bow for its lightweight. You don’t need to put more pressure while drawing the string at higher poundage. You get a much accurate, easy, and quick hunting session. That’s a high compound that will be worthy. Experience user recommends to choose this bow.

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