Ravin R10 Predator Crossbow Review

Whether you look for a weapon or bow that can provide extraordinary services in hunting Ravin R10 is the number one choice. It would help if you should choose a bow that can kill the prey one after another, continuously for a particular time accurately. Well, there are so many types of a bow that can give you different features for hunting. But in case of highly hunting service providing bow, this crossbow renders the best.

Ravin R10 predator crossbow invents the most unusual and surprising features that no one ever did. The draw weight, cocking mechanism, speed, safety features, and many others essential and new features are added to the crossbow that makes is one of the most popular and dangerous weapons in the archery world. You also get the necessary bow kits that you need while hunting. This bow is mostly famous for its accuracy and speed.

Ravin manufactures the R10 predator crossbow, which can give you high-performance than any other bow. You can’t complain about the performance and other features. It designs with unique cocking mechanism, high draw weight, high speed, accuracy, safety mechanism and so on. Hunting with this ravin R10 is just a treat for your hand. When hand-loading high-draw-weight crossbow handling is slightly tricky, the cocking mechanism of this bow is just breeze. Let me explain some of its features briefly:

Versa drawing mechanism: this is a unique feature for any types of the crossbow. Ravin R10 crossbow has an internal crank cocking system. So, you don’t need to think about what the draw weight is. Though Ravin has 270 lbs of draw weight due to the crank cocking system, you have to use 12 pounds of pull. So, anyone who can pull the string at 12 pounds can use this crossbow. You may be a newbie or expert. You must get the able desire results.

Speeds: one of most desire able features while buying a crossbow. Because speed determines your success in hunting, Ravin generates 400 fps that can penetrate harder and flatter to any size of animals. Ravin crossbow R10 can hunt big animals like elk, deer, or moose. Experts say that you need at least 75 feet pound of kinetic energy to hit the animals pierce fully. Whereas ravin R10 designs this crossbow with 142 feet pound of kinetic energy that is far more enough to penetrate the target harder.

Design: Ravin crossbow is looked different than any other crossbows. The design of this bow is inspireed from the military rifle. It has 6 inches of the axle to axle length when cocked. So, you can carry around this bow in any reverse and adverse weather for hunting. When it is un cocked, it has 10.5 inches axle to axle length.

Illuminated scope: that’s a fantastic extension for Ravin R10 crossbow. Bright range ensures the accuracy wherever your target is. It can give you the compensation of accurate hunting even at 100 yards that make it separate from another crossbow. No bows will be perfect at 100 yards but, Ravin R10 is different. The scope has the privilege of variable arrow speed setting in between 300 to 425 fps. This illuminated scope is weatherproof, fog proof, and shockproof features. So, you get the exact precision of the target and hit it accurately.

Safety mechanism: Ravin R10 predator crossbow handling is so secure that you don’t need to be worried about it. It has safety wings over the foregrip that protects your finger from the flight deck.

This excellent crossbow also assures that it has an anti-dry fire inhibitor. So, you get a much pleasurable hunting session with this crossbow.

Arrow flight without friction: Ravin also includes unique features that you can have arrow flight without conflict. Because it doesn’t touch the rail, but the two rollers arrow rest. So, you get much accurate results in hunting.

Bolts and quiver: the Ravin R10 crossbow includes arrows and quiver to increase the smoothness of your hunting journey. It contains six 400 grain ravin match arrows and six 100 grain field tips. To store this arrow and field points, it has a 3 points quiver. The quiver has the compensation of storing 1.6 inches diameter of the broadhead.

Bow package: Ravin R10 crossbow includes some essential tools like illuminated scope, six arrow, six field points, three-point quiver, one cocking handle, and a mounting bracket.

Ravin R10 crossbow provides you the best services with its exceptional features. This crossbow is different, and it apart from another bow with its excessive speed and highest accuracy.


Lightweight: the weight of this crossbow is 6.8 lbs that is very much light for a hunter. You can carry this bow easily.

Ease of assembling: Ravin R10 predator crossbow is very easy to assemble. It is come with already mounted and also tuned in for the hunting.

High speed: it generates enough speed to hunt any size of prey immediately.

Accuracy: the illuminated scope ensures the efficiency of your hunting. It has enough rich features to improve your skill.


Doesn’t provide sling: the R10 crossbow didn’t give any sling for carrying.

Solution: you need to buy an extra sling to make your carriage easy.

High price: this crossbow is the relatively high price.

Solution: though it has a high price, it has rich features that render you the best service in hunting.

How the scope effect accuracy?

The illuminated scope has a windage knob that affects flight. It also gives you the 100 yards sight of the target. So, you can get precise clearly from a long distance.

What should be the ideal arrow for this bow?

Well, the bow includes its type of bow. Yet, if you want more arrows, you should use 20 inches arrow that is 400 grain with 100-grain broadhead for the best result.

Can a young archer use this ravin R10 bow?

Well, it needs proper training to use this bow. He, who can pull the 12 pounds of crank cocking mechanism, can control this bow.

Does ravin R10 make noise while hunting?

When you cock the string, it doesn’t make any noise. So, you get a silent hunting journey. But the reverse cocking mechanism makes noise.


Ravin R10 crossbow is the fastest and easiest crossbow on the market to use. The cocking mechanism, assembling, velocity, and accuracy make this bow one of the most demanding bows to the archer. It wins award for accuracy in 40 yards distance. By investing money in this bow, you will get full of compensation and advantages of hunting.

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