Ravin R26 Crossbow review

If the price won’t matter to you when you buy a destructive hunting weapon, then ravin R26 crossbow is made for you. Ravin is a famous hunting manufacturer who first produce the ultra-modern crossbow that has the multiple vibrant and attractive features include in the crossbow. Ravin R26 crossbow is a well-known product of them. Why this R26 crossbow is famous, may be a question arise in your mind. Well, the Ravin R26 is mostly renown for its lightweight design, compact and cock mechanism, and high-speed and accuracy.

Ravin R26 won’t let you be disappoint by its performance. Because it includes such features that can render you almost all the service that you need to complete a successful hunting session. Moreover, this crossbow is durable and easily transportable that you can use this crossbow for a long time without much pressure.

When you go to the market to buy a crossbow, you may look for the powerful crossbow that has rich and robust features. OK then, let me tell you one thing. If you go for a crossbow that can render you efficient service and give you a successful hunting session, you better choose the Ravin R26 as it has high-quality features. Let me tell you briefly some of its features that may attract you to buy this:

Drawing mechanism: different crossbow has a different mechanisms in case of drawing advantages. Some crossbow has rope mechanism, and other has a crank mechanism. Ravin designs its crossbow with a crank mechanism. Ravin R26 features a crank mechanism that can reduce 10 to 15 lbs pressure while drawing. So, you don’t need to put much effort to draw this bow. You can draw this bow and shoot the arrow continuously. That make it separate from another bow.

Speed: Ravin manufactures one of the most powerful and speedy bows in the market nowadays. Ravin R26 is just another invention from them. Ravin R26  crossbow can shooting 400+ fps arrow speeds that can penetrate the target pierce fully, and you don’t miss any prey if you have plenty of prey in the ground.

Moreover, to penetrate the target harder, the bow must have at least 75 feet pounds of kinetic energy. But ravin R26 has 142 feet pounds of kinetic energy that is huge. This crossbow can penetrate any big and small prey as it has enough power and much more speed.

Design: Ravin R26 is the most compact and easy handling crossbow that has been said by users. Because it has a weight of 6.5 lbs that is very lightweight to carry around to the brush, blinds, etc. The axle to axle length is 5.75 inches when cocked and 10.25 inches when un-cocked. So, it can use easily when you pulling.

Safety mechanism: safety mechanism have to check when you buy a powerful and speed crossbow. Because a lack of safety mechanism can harm your crossbow and fallen you to injury. But this powerful crossbow ensures the safety of the bow and you by including safety mechanism. It has a dry fire inhibitor that prevents dry fire. Dry fire can harm the limbs, string and other parts as well as your arm. So, you don’t need to be a worry as this crossbow has a proper safety mechanisms.

Illuminated scope: that’s a great inclusion, that can make you skilled, inaccurate shooting and hunting. Ravin R26 crossbow includes bright optics that can use up to 70 yards. So, you can precise the target clearly and hit the target accurately. One good thing about this bow is, it wins award as it scores top at 40 yards.

Friction less flight: the less friction, the more accurate shot. Ravin R26 has a friction less flight mechanism that means the arrow stands on the two wheels, and its flight without the frictions. So, you get accuracy in your shooting.

Arrows and quiver: Ravin R26 crossbow provides arrow and quiver that are match with its crossbow. It comes with 3 point quiver, and it has an easy arrow store and pulls out system. It also includes six pack 400-grain arrows with 100-grain field tip. So, you don’t need to buy this separately. however, if you want to more conscious while hunting that you may fell short of arrow, then you can store extra arrow and quiver.

Bow package: Ravin R26 crossbow not only comes with a bow but also comes with a full packages. It comes with six arrows that are match to its bow, 3 point quiver, illuminating scope, draw handle, to store accessories bracket. This crossbow has a complete package with high-quality components and high-quality features.


Fully assembled: Ravin R26 comes in a ready to shoot package. It comes with a fully assembling bow. So, you don’t need to spend extra time to join this.

Lightweight: this lightweight crossbow is very much transportable to anywhere. Moreover, this is a short bow that you can use this behind the tree stand and brush.

Accuracy: Ravin R26 crossbow ensures accuracy through its illuminating scope. It can precisely the target clearly from a long distance.

Speed: this is a high-speed crossbow with 400 fps speed. It can penetrate the prey pierce fully. It can hunt any type of big animal as it has high speed.


High price: this crossbow is a high priced bow in the market due to quality features.

Solution: you can get all the features to hunt any small and big animals. You can improve your shooting skills with this bow. If you want all the features in one bow, then price won’t be a big deal.

How Helicoil technology helps to keep the accuracy fluently in this bow?

Helicoil technology is use  in this bow very strategically. The cam rotates 360 degrees and coils the cables from the cam simultaneously, which you to shoot perfectly.

Does the size of this bow perfect for any individual?

It’s OK to any heights of individuals. Yet taller individuals may face problems due to their short size. But it entirely depends on one’s choice and taste.

From which distance can it give you an accurate result?

This crossbow has illuminating scope. So, you can see the target up to 100 yards accurately if you have enough experience. But more precisely, you can give an accurate results up to 70 yards.

Does this crossbow come with a full package?

Yes, it comes. It includes six arrows, 3 point quiver, illuminated scope, drawing handle, and bracket. So, you don’t need to buy any extra tools.


Ravin R26 crossbow is just a phenomenal crossbow with marvelous features. It can give you high speed, accuracy, ease of assembling and handling, and other extraordinary features that can reach another level of hunting success. It will worth every penny you spent on this bow.

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