Compound Bow vs Recurve Bow

If you are intuitive and enthusiastic about archery, then you might want a bow that could give you the best services according to their features and may adapt to you. So, when you look for this bow, you can see two significant bows that are widely famous, compound bow and recurve bow. Both of the bows have individual features and different uses, but you need to check out which one is matched with you. So we are here to let you know about the compound and recurve. Soon you will find which one is better for you.

Recurve bow

Recurve bow is old fashioned and traditional, which is used for a long time ago. This is a recreational bow with a simple design. Recurve bow comes with a single or three parts totally, which is much simpler than any other bow. It looks like three shapes because of curvy limbs. Sometimes the limbs can dissemble to carry around easily. This recurve bow is called the takedown recurve bow.

Advantages of Recurve bow

Recurve bow has plenty of advantages due to its simplicity. It is lightweight and easy to carry. So, you don’t need to be much worry about mobility. Some recurve bow constructed with wood, but nowadays, it is built with carbon composite material, aluminum, etc. So, it is quite durable.

Some of the recurve bows have the features to disassemble the limbs. This is called a takedown bow. Takedown bow has some advantages like; it can carry easily into the large backpack. Moreover, takedown recurve bow includes a customizing option to smooth your hunting or practice journey.

Another advantage of a recurve bow is, it doesn’t need many maintenance due to lower moving parts. Recurve bow is a simple bow with a limb and string. So, you don’t need to put extra maintenance in the recurve bow.

Disadvantages of Recurve bow

Though the recurve bow has several advantages, it has some disadvantages too. It needs too much upper body strength to provide enough arrow speed. Because the limb provides enough speed, but it needs to pull back strongly. So, it would be the best before practice with a recurve bow; you should do a bit of gym.

Another disadvantage is that you need to get closer to the victim to penetrate the prey into certain organs. Because the draw weight of the recurve bow is low than the other bow. So, it can’t produce enough power and speed that can hit the prey from long distances. That’s a pretty good disadvantage.

Moreover, it would be best if you practiced more and more to be skilled. Because it doesn’t offer any scope to measure the prey distance so that you can hit the target accurately. If would be best if you considered this factor whenever you choose a recurve bow.

Compound bow

The compound bow is just a complicated version of recurve bow uses with modern technology. The compound bow is famous for its versatility for both hunting and practice shooting. The compound bow is designed with a cam and pulleys mechanism that provides power and speed to the arrow.

Moreover, it has customizing options automatically into the bow like the stabilizer, scope, extra string, string silencer, bow fishing reel, etc. the body frame of the compound bow is made with mostly carbon and aluminum materials ensure the durability of the bow.

Advantages of Compound bow

The compound a bow is one of the most uses bow in the market due to its advantages and services. The compound a bow has much power stored, so it can generate much speed to penetrate the prey harder. Moreover, to hit the target accurately, it offers you sight and scope, so that you can hit the target accurately. One factor about the compound bow is that you don’t need to get closer from the prey like a recurve bow. Because compound bow has enough power and different features that help you to speed up the arrow and hit the target quickly. So, you can hunt from a longer distance.

The compound bow has more accessories than a recurve bow, yet it has a customizing option. Compound bow comes with sight, extra string, silencer, quiver, and stabilizer. You can add additional extensions like bow fishing reel that will upgrade your bow and get better services.

The most important factor of a compound bow and why it is so much popular is it’s a let-off. The compound bow features a let-off mechanism that reduces almost 50% pressure to remove the high draw weight. So, you can pull the string and get extra time to measure the prey without arm fatigue. Even young and females can use powerful compound bow if they can withstand this pressure. That makes the difference between a recurve bow and compound bow.

Disadvantages of Compound bow

The disadvantages of a compound bow are it is heavy than a recurve bow. So, you may feel uncomfortable while hunting. Due to much complexity of a compound bow, you have to take more maintenance. Because it has various kinds of parts and a pulley mechanism. So, if you are unaware, then you may face trouble while hunting. Moreover, you have to aware of the draw length. It carries a lot of significance during hunting.

Comparison between Compound and Recurve bow Power and accuracy

if we vary both compounds and a recurve bow according to the power and efficiency, you should prefer compound bow. Because the compound bow is more potent because of its high draw weight. It has a sight to hit the target accurately.

On the other hand, a recurve bow has less draw weight than the compound bow. To get more power and speed from a recurve bow, you should choose a large recurve bow. But it needs too much strength to handle this recurve bow.

Moreover, you have to practice more and more and give enough time to practice with a recurve bow. Whereas it takes less time and effort to be skilled at shooting with the compound bow.

Ease of use

Recurve bow has less draw weight, weight, it needs little maintenance to operate. Recurve bow is a simple design that takes less effort to use. However it cannot give you the desire to able results if you are on the way to hunting.

On the other hand, compound bow has higher draw weight, heavyweight and takes much maintenance. But it gives you a successful hunting session as it has many rich features. It reduces the 50% pressure while drawing due to the let-off mechanism. So, you can easily use the compound bow and get a pleasure able result.


When it comes to the price of compound and a recurve bows, compound bows take place. Recurve bow has fewer accessories, and a single piece of a bow, whereas the compound bow comes with various kinds of moving parts. So, it takes enough prices to buy the compound bow than a recurve bow.

What should be the better option for you?

It depends entirely up to you which bows are suitable for you. If you are a beginner, then you should choose a recurve bow as it is lightweight, less draw weight, and takes less effort to practice target. You can carry around recurve bow anywhere.

But if you are a seasonal hunter as well as experienced, then you should choose compound bow. It has all features to hunt prey successfully. The draw weight, pulley mechanism, let-off, and power makes it preferable for hunting.

I hope you get the difference between compound and a recurve bow. I think you can decide now which one should be better for you.

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