Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight Reviews

When it comes to shoot and hunt animals, bow sight is an essential stuff. If you want to hit the target accurately, then bow sight is an important factor. To measure more accuracy on the target, trophy ridge has include react V5 technology in bow sight. This trophy ridge sight has various important features which make the sight comfortable and relax.

Lighting features, ease of pin adjustment, dual-axis adjustment, and many more features has include in react V5 bow sight, which makes the sight mathematically impossible to be inaccurate.

Moreover, react technology and pin technology has added into this bow sight that makes the sight popular day by day. To hit the target properly, trophy ridge add every possible feature into the React V5 Bow sight.

If you want to improve your shooting capability and skill, then Trophy Ridge React V5 sight is the best option. This bow sight has some exceptional features which help you to measure your shooting skill and guide you to the successful shooting. Trophy ridge includes high technology features into this sight that will help you to choose this bow sight. Let me ascertain the features:

Amazing pin adjustment: it has a unique feature, which is added by trophy ridge. There’s a multiple pin adjustment in this sight that opens up your lens and field of view. What significant benefit you can find from this feature is, it is mathematically impossible to be inaccurate in the shooting. There are 5 pin in the trophy ridge react bow sight where 20-yard pin should put in the first position. Then set the 30-yard pin next to the 20-yard pin with Allen wrench. The React V5 will then guide you to set the 40, 50 or 60 yard pin automatically at an accurate position. That helps you to hit the target correctly.

Vertical pin line technology: vertical pin technology will help your target to hit clearly. When you fix the target at long distance, vertical in line pin technology will show you the target quite near.

Proper coating with Ballistic co-polymer system: body frame of react v5 bow site is coating with the ballistic co-polymer. Ballistic co-polymer is an aluminum material which protects the bow sight from dust. The strength of this material is influences to the bow sight that means it is quite durable too. Due to soft-touch handling property is generating in this sight, it reduces natural vibration during the shot. It’s an excellent addition to this bow sight.

Tool-less micro adjustment for windage and elevation: for accomplishing more accuracy in shooting, Trophy Ridge add a tool-less micro-adjustment feature for windage and elevation. This tool helps you to shoot the target more correctly. This adjustment tool helps to prevent windy affect during the shot and. It controls the contrast in overcast weather that helps to shoot more flawlessly.

Rheostat light: In dark and fuzzy conditions, the shooter may distract. So trophy ridge sight includes a feature, rheostat light, which helps to precise the target clearly.
This tool increases the visibility in the dark condition and glows the sight.

Dual axis adjustment: trophy ridge bow sight includes dual axis adjustment. It helps to raise your accuracy over longer distances and give you an unobstructed view of your target.

There are some other bow sights in react series like Trio pro and Fast Eddie Xl, which provides different types of features. But trophy ridge React V5 sight is rendering the best service with high-quality features. If you want to master your bow sight, React V5 bow sight will be top of the list. This V5 bow sight will work best with compound bow and crossbow which is highly powerful. 


25% lighter: Since the Ballistic co-polymer system is available in this sight, it will not encumber the target. You can make the shot smoothly due to its lightweight.

Less vibration: Ballistic co-polymer is cover up the optics so it will make less vibration when you make the shot. It also prevents from outside dust.

Durability: the Ballistic co-polymer is an aluminum material. So it finds the strength of aluminum and makes it quite durable. It also increases soft touching characteristics.

Unobstructed and clear view: if you want a crucial reason to purchase this sight, then unobstructed and clear view due to pin line adjustment will be the one. This pin line is adjusting with this sight vertically. First two pin have to be set by you then the feature will guide you to set other pins accurately. You can make your shot more accurately as pin line technology is include in this sight.

Ability to make shot in adverse condition: there is a tool-less micro windage and elevation adjustment system in this sight, which can make the shot in unfriendly condition. It can adjust the contrast through the elevation knob. So it will be an excellent advantage for a hunter.


No instructions included: trophy ridge 5 pin bow sight doesn’t contain any written instruction.

Solution: you have to be aware before using this sight. You can take help from the online platform.

What will be the ideal speed range that works with react technology?

Velocity is an important factor that measures your shooting skills. You better shoot in between 250 to 350 FPS speed since react tech features provide 275 to 400 FPS speed.

Do we need to sight every single pin?

No, you just need to sight first two pins on 20 yards and 30 yards. The rest will fall in line automatically. That’s an amazing feature.

Does any additional requirement need to add for this sight?

Yes, you need to stock LR41 batteries since a sight light is including adjusting the contrast. It will work best for this sight.

Between vertical pin line and tool-less windage adjustment, what makes a hunter shoot accurately?

Both features has include to this sight for a different motive. One makes the view more clear and others help to prevent wind effect.

What makes someone to choose react V5 over peak V5?

In react series, the first two pins have to set to the sight, and rest will fall in place automatically, whereas you have to set every pin individually in peak V5.


Trophy ridge has equipping react V5 bow sight with so many high tech features that make the shot more clear and unobstructed. It designs with pin technology, react technology, Ballistic coating, and so more features so that a shooter can quickly observe the target. It’s a magnificent bow sight, which helps to improve your shooting correctly.

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