Vortex Optics Crossfire II Riflescope Review

Do you want to find out why a rifle scope plays a vital role in your hunting or shooting sports? This is because rifle scope gives you more accuracy at a longer distance, precise views of the target, and magnification of the objective better from any angle. Many quality rifle scopes were invented, but we are here to let you know about an exceptional rifle scope that improves its feature from other rifle scopes. That is the vortex optics crossfire II rifle scope, which allows you to get the most successful hunting session with its rich feature.

Vortex crossfire II doesn’t left any single clues to this rifle scope that you can complain about. The magnification, reticles, durability, tube diameter, eye relief, lens objective, and so on are the main considering factors that are improve well by vortex crossfire II. I assure you that you are most likely to reach home with more meat by using this rifle scope.

Vortex invents this optics crossfire II rifle scope, which is the most preferable rifle scope with a rating of 4.6 out of 5. You don’t need to worry about the quality. Highest amount of users says positively about this rifle scope. All of the features are perfect for hunting and shooting that your capability of fire will be raise. So, we are going to elicit the features of this marvelous rifle scope. Let’s roll on:

Variable magnification scope: let me remind you of the importance of magnification. Magnification of a rifle scope is enlarging the view of the target more than the bare eye. Some rifle scope has fix magnification while others have variable magnification. Vortex designs their rifle scope with variable magnification that is 2-7, 3-9, and 4-12. This variable magnification provides you more advantages like you can use a variety of ranges. This is the difference between fix and variable magnification scope. With his variable magnification, you can stalk massive games in desserts, fields, forests, and mountains. Never put this factor behind away.

Suitable objective lens: objective lens plays a significant role while precising the target. The larger the lens, the better precision of the target you will get. An objective lens is use to increase the clarity and the brightness of the scope under low light weather. So, it will be best if you chose a bigger lens. Well, vortex won’t let you down by its invention optics crossfire II. The objective lens starts with is 32 to 50 mm of the vortex. That means you will get higher magnification in low light, high power scopes, advantages of shooting from extreme range targets, and low light hunting. You will not get this kind of feature together in any other rifle scope.

A fully multi coated lens: coating of a lens, also has an important role to play. It increases the brightness and clarity with light transmission. But you have to choose a particular coated lens that has more impact. Well, the vortex is unique in that case. Because they are covering the lens with a fully multi coated lens that means the external glass is fully coating with several layers. It increases the brightness as well as safety. So, vortex offers you the best features without any doubt.

Bigger field of view: the field of view of a rifle scope means how you see the target in 100 yards. Vortex optics crossfire II has 17.3 feet in 100 yards view that is pretty much bigger. You can precise the target easily and accurately with these measurements.

BDC reticles: reticles make the shooting more comfortable, and the main objective of reticles is to estimate the distance. BDC red dot reticle is one of the most advanced reticles uses in vortex rifle scopes. It can estimate the holdover, target distance, and, most importantly, bullet drop compensator. So, you can measure your performance through BDC reticles.

High elevation adjustments: elevation adjustments that are measure in MOA is high in vortex scopes. MOA is the preferable adjustment using in scope. Because it can measure the accuracy of 1 inches per 100 yard. Vortex rifle scope has 60 MOA elevation adjustment that is more than average rifle scope.

Uses second focal plane: well, vortex scope uses the second focal plane that will help you to shoot accurately in a shorter and longer distance. The first focal plane will obscure your target in long-distance while magnifying. FFP is also heftily pricey thing. While the second focal plane doesn’t cover your view on short and long-distance, it is too low price compare to the first focal plane.

Longer eye-relief: eye-relief means the distance between your eye and the front lens of the scope while you have the full visibility of the target. The expert recommends that the distance between eye and lens should be at least 3.5 inches for eye-relief. That’s a key point to choose vortex crossfire II . Because the distance between eye and lens is 4 inches with full visibility of the target for the eye-relief, you can easily fix it.

Larger tube diameter: the tube diameter of vortex optics crossfire II is 1 inch. Larger tube diameter will give you strength and rigidity due to its longer cross-sectional area. Moreover, it increases the adjustment range of windage and elevation. That’s a beneficial factor.

This optics rifle scopes will renders you the best service through its high quality features. You can use this optics in any high power compound bow or rifle crossbow.


Durability: this rifle scope is constructing from a single piece of aircraft aluminum materials that ensures durability. You can use this for a long time.

Weather and fog proof: vortex scope is sealing with O-ring and nitrogen purge, which ensure that it is weather and fog proof.

Anti-reflective: though the glass is coating with several layers, yet it has anti-reflective features that ensure proper light transmission. So, you won’t be in trouble while shooting.

Highest magnification range: vortex crossfire II offers the highest magnification ranges that you can enlarge the view of the target from at least 400 yards.

Low price: with all these rich features, vortex optics crossfire II comes with a reasonable price in the market.


Heavyweight due to larger tube diameter: the tube diameter of this rifle scope is 1 inch. So, the weight of the scope can increase.

Solution: you can choose larger exit pupils instead of minimizing the tube diameter. Because it serves the same work of larger tube diameter.

What is the difference between fix and variable scopes?

A fix range scope will provide you only a fix range of targets while you can use various fields to hit the target using a variable extent.

For a long-range game, what should be the objective lens length?

If your purpose is to hunt from a longer distance, you have to choose at least 30 mm of actual length. You can increase up to your consideration of target ranges.

In between MOA and MRAD, which is better?

It entirely depends on individual choice. But I recommend choosing MOA because it gives you better accuracy that is 1 inch per 100 yards.

Which one is better in FFP and SFP?

SFP is better than FFP. Because FFP will obscure your target viewers, and it is costly, whereas SFP won’t cover your target viewers and it is less cost-effective.


In the end, I will say that vortex optics crossfire II won’t let you regret as it has high-quality features. You will get more accurate precision and can come home with more meat. Moreover, you are going to get high-efficient and high-quality features of a rifle scope at a relatively low cost. I am sure; you will outgrow your performance through this rifle scope.

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